Our official site https://www.softhowto.com is specifically designed to provide valuable technical information for business professionals related to the B2B industry. This privacy policy describes the exact process of how we utilize or disclose certain information we gather from site visitors like you when you sign-up or purchase our products or services.


You acknowledge that any personal information you may disclose will be handled professionally as stated in this policy upon signing up or purchasing of our products. The purchase or use of our products or services is subject to this policy including internal disputes with this policy as well as the terms and condition that will be applied. This privacy policy also describes the extent of our “Terms and Conditions” which includes applicable resolution of payment refunds, limitations on product damages and insufficient customer service. Softhowto.com “Terms and Conditions” are only indicated here by reference.


Accountability for direct and indirect onward data transfer


When using our site or services, we may collect personal details directly from you or from several third-party sources. We employ third parties as our partner to support our business operations and other communication needs. We assure everyone that these third parties will only access your information to perform certain delegated tasks on our behalf. Softhowto.com will be held accountable for all forwarded transfer of personal data to third-party agencies that complement our daily operations.


Softhowto.com maintains a legal binding agreement with these third-party agencies in compliance with our privacy protection obligations under federal laws. We mutually accept liability under the privacy protection regulations if any of these third parties fail to secure the information transferred to them. Unless we can demonstrate that we should not be held accountable, any liability for the loss of information or damage to any person shall be waived.


When you interact with us using our contact information, instant messages and other communication means, it is clearly understood that we will collect personal information from you. Softhowto.com assures complete confidentiality of your details, and they will only be used for recording, marketing, and payment transaction purposes. With regard to account creation, you are required to sign up or register a valid account to access all portions of our site. Use a valid email contact to register an official account with us and receive full information about our products and services.


However, if you want to post your personal comments or reviews, be sure to register for an account by using your sign-in credentials. Softhowto.com will automatically create a profile for you, and we may share the information with our accredited third parties as mentioned above. Later, we may require you to send us additional information as part of our advanced registration process, particularly for premium services. Every user profile we create will indicate all relevant details about you such as contact numbers, actual image, job profile, and other demographic information.


With regard to access to certain features, softhowto.com will request more information from you. This additional information will be secured or may be used in the future if you want to get contacted by our staff, download any document or acquire a free trial. We also employ an automatic collection of personal details through the use of cookies, browsers, web beacons and landing links from a referral page that lead you to our site.


Purpose of information collection

Softhowto.com reserves the right to utilize all private information you have given us and shall be used for the following objectives:

  • To perform transactions like securing orders, payments and customer care support
  • To offer/inform you about our customer rewards programs, incentives, and other attractive deals
  • To deliver personalized services
  • To send new information for marketing purposes (newsletters, email campaigns, advertising materials)
  • To gain proper knowledge and understanding of our customer needs
  • To utilize the details for research and development needs
  • To improve our site and client experience


Since softhowto.com will acquire direct information from you, you deserve to know how we share your details. We share the information with:

  • Registered users (unless you will make necessary changes on your visibility status under privacy settings)
  • Social media profile (intended to invite more site visitors with your consent)
  • Third party service providers
  • Company affiliates (sharing your views with software makers)
  • Business mergers (when the assets are transferred to the new management)
  • Legal response when required
  • Protection of other parties involving investigation and prevention of fraudulent activities


Personal measures to secure information

Despite our precautionary measures, no data security system can guarantee total information security, so it’s best not to disclose your password without your consent.


Terms and Conditions

We request you to visit our Terms and Conditions page, explaining the applications, limitations of our accountability and disclaimers in conjunction with our products and services.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us or call our attention if you have any question about our privacy policy and if you have or would like to send any complaints.


This policy is currently in effect as of the effective date set forth at the start. We may revise this policy at random, so please be sure to check our announcements regularly.