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The Softhowto.com mission

Softhowto.com affirms itself as one of the leading software review experts known in the world today. We have embraced our life-long mission to be the most trusted tech company ready to provide comprehensive business solutions for established enterprises. Our computer expertise is expected to play as a partnership-building tool that will significantly increase brand awareness among modern-day technology users. For this reason, we aspire to build a lasting connection between buyers and distributors by creating transparent software reviews, complemented with trustworthy product scores and customer feedback.


The vision of Softhowto.com

We serve as the trendsetter in a humongous industry that bridges communication barriers, buying process and exchange of unbiased information.


Since we believe that any critical decision to purchase a certain product is often influenced by expert opinions, we can assure technology users that they will benefit from reading our factual reviews based on customer sentiments. The core members of softhowto.com aim to provide common PC users and business enterprises easy access to expert advice based on facts, statistics, and actual software application.


The skilled professionals

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Reader expectations

Softhowto.com is a reliable review platform designed to improve brand awareness and buying decisions among technology users like you by presenting honest reviews based on actual user experience. We’ll not only share the experience but also tell you about the newest stuff to be released on the market soon. Our expert researchers will deliver you exclusive access to some of the world’s most efficient software to help you decide whether a program will benefit you or not. We don’t just provide the reviews; we will show you how the software works and give the pros and cons before buying it.


As a premier software review provider, our core values demonstrate what we believe for:


Leadership and integrity

We are geared toward lasting credibility in the online world for our outstanding and sufficient software reviews. Software products aren’t made perfect, so we always include positive and negative feedback to allow buyers get a clearer picture. Our technical researchers also include the specific areas of a software where to improve. To make the reviews more credible, we include all the relevant details such as software history, company size, and researcher expertise.


Team collaboration

We are fortunate enough to acquire the services of our passionate researchers as they are committed to upholding the highest standards of tech journalism. All team members combine forces for an ultimate objective – rightful purchasing decisions for you!



We take pride to preserve uprightness in everything we do for vendors, buyers and more importantly, readers.