Spotify users are fully aware that all media contents from the world’s best streaming music provider aren’t free to download. Though Spotify premium subscription allows downloading for offline listening, users won’t be able to access the recorded music from any other device except on their official account page. The reason why is, the Spotify music and playlist are legally protected with DRM technology which prohibits direct downloading from the users. So, how can you resolve this issue? You will definitely need a powerful music converter which has the capacity to remove DRM encryption without decreasing the audio quality of Spotify Music.


Meet the perfect Spotify music downloader

Don’t feel upset with DRM anymore because TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has the ultimate solution to break this accessibility problem. TuneFab Music Converter is designed to get rid of the DRM security from Spotify songs and allows easy downloading of converted files for offline listening. This unique converter isn’t only working as a DRM remover but also performing efficiently as a music downloader for Spotify and other prominent streaming music platforms. The recording output is automatically downloaded and converted to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC with no damage to sound quality.


Advanced ID3 tag and auto file adjustments

TuneFab Music Converter delivers excellent Spotify music conversion at 5X faster speed with no loss of quality throughout the entire procedure. While downloading, this efficient music converter also preserves the original ID3 tags and other metadata info like song title, track duration, cover album and artist name of every converted file. Since incorrect details are inevitable during conversion, TuneFab Music Converter allows you to make the necessary changes by editing the specific areas. This special feature can keep your personal music library look organized and neat as well.


TuneFab Music Converter also offers a complete adjustment options to customize your output files the way you want them. You can select your preferred file format, audio codec, sample rate and more importantly, conversion speed in order to comply with your music taste and available devices at hand. Be sure to adjust the file parameters even before you begin the conversion. Also, you can convert multiple Spotify music and perform batch downloading using the software’s drag-and-drop functionality. One thing more, this user-friendly software can filter out all running ads from a playlist and separate the tracks automatically.


Quick access on all devices

TuneFab Music Converter is built simple but elegant enough to impress both beginners and active users of recording/converting apps. With this incredible tool, you can listen to your favorite music hits from Spotify on different devices, and there’s no need to connect your premium access to acquire the songs. The huge advantage of this awesome converter is that you can download Spotify music comfortably even if you’re not a premium Spotify subscriber. This only means that you can download the songs easily as long as you have the Spotify app installed on your PC.


TuneFab Music Converter is fully accessible on both Windows and Mac recent operating systems. You will not encounter any compatibility issues upon installation. However, you need to install Spotify in advance. Expect the same results from both OS versions, but unfortunately, this software isn’t available on mobile platforms. Nevertheless, you still have the best privilege to transfer your Spotify music to most portable devices including iPod, tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones and even gaming consoles.


When it comes to the application process, TuneFab Music converter is very easy to install, and completion will only take you less than five minutes. You can start the installation process by visiting the main page and find the download links. Select the appropriate operating system that matches your PC and start downloading the file which weighs approximately 20MB. Download time takes less than two minutes and once downloading is done, you can start running the installation wizard and follow the succeeding instructions.


The user interface of TuneFab Music Converter is highly intuitive, meaning you don’t need to undergo any extensive software orientation to get yourself familiarized with it. However, your Spotify app should be installed first before launching this software. Before you get started, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will automatically display the songs, audiobooks and playlists to help you with file selection. What you’re about to see on the main window are only the basics and some functional buttons.


From the main menu, you will encounter the “File” and “Help” links. The file section contains all necessary preferences or adjustment settings you will need before you proceed with the conversion. You can find the conversion speed which allows you to determine the scale of the conversion ranging between one and 16. It is recommended to set the speed at “five” to achieve better results and reduce the chances of getting errors and audio skipping in the end.


Aside from conversion speed, you can also set your desired file output which seems very helpful if you want to organize the files more systematically. The last option is the language selection which enables you to utilize this software in your comfortable spoken language though there are only three available languages to choose from. You’ll notice that your Spotify contents like playlists, albums, and individual songs appear on the left side of the user interface. The rest of the screen is allocated for the music conversion and file management tasks.


Exploring TuneFab Music Converter

Acquiring a Spotify premium access may become useless if you get to know a better alternative to download Spotify music fast and convenient. TuneFab Music Converter appears to be the best Spotify ripper to make way for DRM-restricted songs to become accessible. It isn’t just a Spotify to MP3 converter, but also an exceptional DRM removing a tool that can deliver MP3 songs with 320kbps audio quality on every click. Not only that, this amazing converter will definitely work for both free and premium Spotify accounts as well as other different streaming music user accounts you may have.


TuneFab Music Converter doesn’t require too much disk space, but be more cautious when you’re performing the bulk conversion. Here’s what you need to do in order to maximize the potential of TuneFab Music Converter:

Step 1: Launching the TuneFab Music Converter

To begin with, you are required to download the software according to your current OS from its official website and then install it. Upon launching the software, start adding the Spotify songs by using the drag-and-drop method. Another option is you can click the button “Add Files” to select the specific songs, albums, track listing, and audiobooks and wait for the files to appear on the screen on your desktop. Alternatively, you may also try to copy and paste the URL directly into the search bar of the converter which is found at the bottom.

Step 2: Selecting MP3 as Your default format

For this process, click the “Options” and then select “Advanced” to pick MP3 as your auto-file output format. During this stage, you can adjust other output options such as sample rate and bit rate and conversion speed to help you organize your converted files better. If you aren’t satisfied with the sound results, you can always reset the settings until you figure out the right profile.

Step 3: Choosing your target destination

To do this, proceed to the “General” section of the interface and determine the output folder where to keep the converted files.


Step 4: Completing the conversion process

After setting up the output folder, click the “Convert” button and wait for the whole process to complete. Download time will depend on the volume of Spotify songs that were added to the converter. When the conversion process is complete, you can proceed to the “History” section to check the files one by one. From here, you can manage your personal files, create back up or copy these DRM-free Spotify songs to another device.

Now, if you feel undecided whether to get this ultimate music converter installed on your PC, you can settle with a free version of TuneFab Music Converter to evaluate its performance for the next 30 days. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to convert the first three minutes of each file, and the software will stop right after. However, you can upgrade your subscription to a premium which only requires a modest one-time payment of $39.95 for a single user. The price seems a bit affordable for budget-conscious users who are looking for an awesome music converter to get rid of DRM and pesky online ads at the same time.



  • Easy download and conversion of Spotify tracks and playlists
  • Convert Spotify music to lossless MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV together with ID3 tags
  • Converts Spotify music to MP3 at 5X average conversion speed while retaining original sounds
  • Permanently removes DRM from your Spotify music
  • Intuitive user interface and adjustment settings
  • Provides video tutorials
  • Easy access to customer support



  • Software crash depending on hardware resources
  • Requires payment for premium subscription


TuneFab Music Converter seems to be an interesting, useful software that allows you to enjoy your favorite Spotify music free from DRM protection. You are able to break the music barriers easily and get the type of music you want using a great selection of conversion settings. If this software program doesn’t work for you, try Cinch as an alternative.


  • Darren


    Tunefab is very poorly written…
    1) Down and conversion of files REQUIRES exclusive use of your PC… If you try to anything else on your PC at the same time, not only does Tunefab fails but it keeps taking control and moving you out of your applications
    2) Tunefab can’t download all your playlist… 50 songs on your playlist might download 35 songs… no matter if you copy all the files or use the playlist url
    3) Tunefab say they offer 30 day money back.. DON’T BELIEVE IT! They won’t refund you but rather give you the run around ..”trying to fix the problems” that they can’t and don’t fix. The refund is bogus!

    Frankly, Tunefab wasted so much of my time I can’t express how utterly frustrating and pathetic they are!

    • Donny

      Try Cinch audio recorder as an alternative Spotify recorder.

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