Top 10 Software That Can Download Music From SoundCloud To MP3

Imagine you can rip music from SoundCloud for free with ease

or even better:

What if there are 10 software/programs?

And each of them can actually get the music you want?

You’ll be thrilled by the thought of it.

Check the list:


Cinch Audio Recorder

The best Audio Recorder for Soundcloud that records music as lossless WAV

  • Record music online and save it as mp3 (320 kbps)
  • Edit the song you want as ringtone
  • No annoying ads
  • No Virtual sound card needed
  • Inputs automatically artist, title, and album
  • Records tracks by batch


 Download MAC version


How to Record Music?

Step 1: Open Cinch Audio Recorder

Step 2: Click “Record” and Play music from Soundcloud

Step 3: Click “Stop Record” when done

How to Edit recorded music as Ringtone?

Step 1: Click the “Ring” icon on the right side

Step 2: Choose the duration of the music from either left or right

Step 3: A prompt screen will show to edit the name of ringtone and Click “Save

How to Edit ID3 Tags?

Step 1: Select the track you want to edit

Step 2: Click “Edit ID3” the 2nd icon

Step 3: Edit the tags if needed and click “Save

How to Change the location of File Saved?

Step 1: Click Settings

Step 2: Change the “file Path” and Click Save

How to Register?

Step 1: Click Settings and choose “Register

Step 2: Enter your email address that you used and the “Registration Code” that come with after your purchase.


Wondershare Audio Recorder


  • Start recording and split the tracks automatically
  • Fix ID3 tags automatically
  • Ads are omitted
  • Records lossless Audio
  • Records tracks by batch


  • Need Virtual sound card

How To Record?

Step 1: Open Wondershare Audio Recorder

Step 2: Click the “Record button” on the upper left then play music on SoundCloud

Step 3: Click “Stop Recording” and the recorded song will be displayed on “recorded menu

How to edit ID3 automatically?

Open Wondershare and click on “Settings” located on the upper right. Choose “Control Table” then click the box “Auto-Identify ID3 info”

How to Create a Ringtone?

Step 1: Choose which track to edit

Step 2: Click the “Ring” icon or you can do right click the track and choose “Make Ringtone

Step 3: Select which part of the song you want by dragging either left and right

Step 4: Select “Preview” and “Save” the ringtone

How to create Playlist?

Step 1: Click “+” at the lower left

Step 2: Change the default playlist name to the desired name you want by double clicking

Step 3: Adding songs to the playlist by clicking to “All recording” under library. Choose a song then right click choose “Add Playlist” then select your playlist name

How to Remove ads?

Step 1: Click the “Remove ad” icon at the bottom

Step 2: Select the track you want and choose “less than 20” or “less than 40” then click “Remove button

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder








  • Records Music to MP3
  • Can edit audio easily
  • Save music as lossless audio
  • Filter ads


  • Inputs title, album, artist on some songs
  • Expensive
  • Low sound recording even on pro version
  • Recording problems
  • Free Version has annoying pop-up message
  • Issues in registration
  • Records track one at a time

How To Record?

Step 1: Select Audio source (SoundCloud) then play music

Step 2: Click “Start Recording”

How to Edit Tags?

Click the track desired and click the “Tag icon”. Pop up will show then edit the details if needed and click”Save

Abelssoft Recordify









  • Records music and save it as mp3
  • User friendly
  • Good Audio quality
  • Has ID3 tagger feature
  • Cheap
  • Save recorded music as lossless audio


  • Ads are not filtered
  • Can’t edit audio
  • Windows only
  • 6 months free on Plus version
  • Records track one at a time

How To Record?

Play the song on SoundCloud and Open Recordify then click “Keep Song

How to Edit Recorded File, Format and Audio Settings?

Go to settings and change the name of recorded file, format and audio settings if needed


Replay Audio Recorder






  • Records high-quality Mp3
  • Has ID3 tagger feature
  • Filter sounds for clean audio recording
  • Has ads filter
  • Automatically uploads to dropbox and google drive


  • Constant crash on Windows 10
  • Tracks are not the same when imported
  • Error message on pop up when tagging
  • Splitting of music is not perfect
  • Issues of song play 20-30 sec when recording on Mac

How to Record?

Step 1: Open Replay Music, Go to settings first and  change audio quality to 320 kbps

Step 2: Play music on SoundCloud and Click “Start Recording

Step 3: Pop up will show to edit the songs tags

Step 4: If done click “Stop Recording”









  • Can record music to Mp3
  • Can record tracks by batch
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Automatically split tracks
  • Automatically tags your music
  • Delete duplicate songs


  • Needs KeepVid userscript

How To Record?

Step 1: Open KeepVid and Play a song on SoundCloud

Step 2: Click “Record”

Step 3: Open Playlist which you can see the tags are automatically fixed

9SoundCloud Downloader






  • Web app to convert Soundcloud music to MP3
  • Easy


  • Has ads
  • No ID3 feature
  • Can’t edit songs
  • Limited format



How to Record?

Just copy the music’s URL on SoundCloud then paste it on 9soundcloud then wait for the song to be converted to mp3.






  • Web app to download and convert music to MP3
  • Ads free
  • No restrictions in Downloading
  • Web applications


  • Limited format
  • Can’t edit songs
  • No ID3 tagger feature
  • Download songs one at a time
  • buggy



How to Record?

Just copy the music’s URL on SoundCloud then paste it on SoundDrain then wait for the song to be converted to mp3.







  • Web app (extension) to download music from SoundCloud
  • Easy


  • Can download most of the tracks
  • Has ads
  • Has no ID3 feature
  • Limited format



How to Record?

Just copy the music’s URL on SoundCloud then paste it on SoundFlush then wait for the song to be converted to mp3.

Free Music and Video Downloader


  • Simple user interface
  • No ads
  • Fast search function


  • Downloads one track at a time
  • Search are not filtered properly
  • OS Windows XP

How To Record?

Choose SoundCloud under “Search” and click “Download”

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