If you’re looking for some pure music entertainment, Spotify isn’t the only choice of streaming music service available out there. You can settle with Pandora, Google Music, iHeartRadio or Slacker Radio to name a few. However, what if you have decided to switch to another platform and permanently discarded your current Spotify premium account? For sure, you’ll be worried about losing all the Spotify songs that you had downloaded to your phone or added to your playlist when you cancel a premium subscription.

For many subscribers, their main question is, “Will they still be able to enjoy listening to their downloaded music once they terminate their premium access?

Unfortunately, it’s not; you definitely lose the privilege to download music for offline listening from Spotify. Once you have cancelled your subscription, you’d only be given free access to your premium account until the end of the month, and then after that, the account is reverted back to free. The good thing is, you can still listen to your offline music but no more access to streaming music that’s free of ads. But don’t worry, there are ready-made solutions to resolve this matter.


Now, is there an effective way to get all the downloaded music first before deciding to terminate the Spotify premium account? Yes, it is. What you need is an intuitive music recorder like Cinch Audio Recorder if you wish to create your personalized playlist that you can keep forever. Since all media contents of Spotify are DRM-encrypted, you need to remove the protection first before you can download the songs. However, with Cinch Audio Recorder, it will only take some few clicks of the “Record” button to enjoy the music in lossless WAV.


Get only the best music from Cinch Audio Recorder

When you decide not to use the services of Spotify, never forget to consider installing the Cinch Audio Recorder on your PC. Cinch Audio Recorder is easy-to-learn recording software that enables you to capture high-quality Spotify music with no DRM restriction to get rid of. It’s a complete tool that delivers perfect music recording, music conversion, and file management in just a few simple clicks. What’s left to be done is to click the “Record” button and then click the “Play” button located next to the Spotify playlist you want to record.


While the Spotify app is open, Cinch Audio Recorder will commence the recording process immediately and save the files in seamless MP3 or WAV. Even if the speakers are muted, the recorder continues to work, leaving everyone around you undisturbed. Cinch Audio Recorder also features a virtual sound card that works perfectly to capture all audible streaming music that’s coming out on your PC without reducing their overall sound quality. What’s more, this software is designed intuitive so that you can learn the basics and tricks in minutes.


The versatility of Cinch Audio Recorder isn’t just limited in recording Spotify music. With this special software, you can capture everything you love to listen over the internet from podcast to web radios, all in high-quality MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other formats. This incredible software only records the audios from direct sources, and it doesn’t perform any illegal music downloading unlike what other programs do. This is why music lovers can have the chance to listen to their favorite music channels, talk shows and documentaries free from copyright issues.


Cinch Audio Recorder requires a premium subscription if you wish to maximize its recording functions to the fullest. Fortunately, Cinch Solutions will only require a one-time payment from you for a lifetime version, which seems more advantageous than paying monthly Spotify premium subscriptions. Now, if you’re worrying about the annoying ads that often come out of your streaming music app, Cinch Audio Recorder has the ability to remove the ads permanently whether you’re recording an individual track or a playlist. It will also remove unwanted sounds and silent portions while recording is in progress.


Even though Cinch Audio Recorder is made simple, it also features built-in adjustment settings that allow you to modify the sound parameters and output size. Prior to recording, you can adjust the parameters such as sample rate, bit rate, format type, and audio codec to fit your personal standards well. Additionally, Cinch Audio Recorder has an ID3 tagger included to download all necessary track info like song title, artist name, and album titles for each file. This essential feature will help you save more time and organize a better music library in the process.


The recording power of Solutery Audio Recorder

As an alternative recorder, Solutery Audio Recorder can also deliver awesome results similar to what Cinch Audio Recorder can provide. Solutery Audio Recorder is a versatile free-to-pay recording tool, designed to capture streaming music from different internet sources in seamless MP3. This recorder isn’t only recording the streaming music but also extracting the audios of uploaded videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo among others. Aside from this, the recording app works normally even if your speakers are muted so that you won’t distract anyone near you.


Solutery Audio Recorder provides the basic recording functions you need to acquire awesome music from Spotify as well as other popular streaming music services. Besides streaming music, you can also capture live podcast, radio broadcast, celebrity interviews and even old episodes that you can search or find on the internet. This amazing recorder comes with an intuitive user interface, meaning you don’t need to become a tech expert to run this. Solutery Audio Recorder is somehow similar with Cinch Audio Recorder because you can capture high-quality music by just clicking the “Record” button.


The best thing about Solutery Audio Recorder is that it supports the majority of popular formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, WAV, and AAC. You can even convert the recorded songs into another accessible format if you wish to play them over a different device. This functional recorder is also equipped with an advanced ID3 tagger that allows you to download the song information during the recording process. If you ever find any incorrect tag, you can manually edit the information for every recorded file and save it right away.


When you want to change any details from your recorded files, simply locate the second icon at the right side and then click it. Modify the specific information and hit the “OK” button when done. Solutery Audio Recorder utilizes the core audio input of your PC, so you don’t need to rely too much on your speaker volume when you’re recording. It can also perform recording in batch so that you can capture the streaming music from created playlists.


Additional benefits of Solutery Audio Recorder

One of the good benefits of Solutery Audio Recorder is its ability to get rid of online ads that often appear on the playlist. It will automatically remove the ads while recording is taking place and then split the music tracks immediately. Aside from ads, Solutery Audio Recorder can also fix the unwanted sounds and eliminate the silent areas of each file. This remarkable feature ensures that all recorded music will come out 100% free from scratches and hard-to-decipher sounds.


Solutery Audio Recorder has intuitive adjustment settings to give you the freedom to customize your audio output. At the start, you can freely adjust the settings like file format, tempo, bit rate, and sample rate to suit your specific needs before proceeding to the recording session. You can always reset your desired music output or bit rate if you’re not satisfied with the results.


Recording your first Spotify music with Solutery is absolutely an easy thing to do. Launch the Solutery Audio Recorder and click the “Start Record” button located at the bottom right corner. After this, go to the Spotify window and click the “Play” button of the song or playlist you’d like to record. When the recording session is done, just click the “Stop” button to finish the process and check the recorded files in a while.


Now, to check the audio quality, Solutery Audio Recorder displays all the existing and previous recordings you have made. You can verify the audio output by clicking the “Play” button and listen to the file one by one. However, if you find any poor recording, you can select the application key and then “Delete” the file immediately. At this point, you can begin creating a backup or transfer the files to another destination like storage devices or mobile phones.


When you finish recording your Spotify music, you can now proceed to the proper cancellation of your premium subscription and finally free yourself from monthly payments. Visit your official Spotify account page and proceed to “Subscription” link. From here, kindly specify the main reason for canceling your subscription and then click the “Cancel My Subscription” button at the end. Now, if ever you change your mind and decide to renew your subscription, you may visit Spotify official website and sign-up for a renewal account.


Keeping your downloaded Spotify music becomes manageable with the use of either Cinch or Solutery Audio Recorder. All you have to do is to install a reliable music recorder because you can acquire premium music quality from different streaming music platforms conveniently even if you’re only using a free account.

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