Get a free license of Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch audio recorder is a nice piece of a recording software tool that can simply record any online streaming music and save as MP3 files, for example, download Spotify to MP3 on your local computer.

I bought it and test it on my computer and it works perfectly for downloading Spotify to MP3. It splits songs and put mp3 tags correctly, removes Spotify audio ADs automatically. One of great feature is that you can record music even you muted sound on your computer, so it won’t disturb anyone when you are recording music. If you are a premier user, you can record music as lossless music files. (Check detailed review here).

I really like this software and I would like to share it on my blog. However, it cost $25USD for a lifetime license. I know people like free stuff. So, I contacted Cinch solution Inc. (who is the publisher of Cinch audio recorder) and asked them if they are willing to offer free licenses for my blog users. The good news is that they agreed my idea, the only condition is people who get free license need to promote/share it on his/her Facebook page. Put simply, Sharing this post on Facebook to get a free keycode(lifetime license)

Here is how to get Cinch for free step by step

1. Log in your Facebook account

2. Copy the URL as following and share it  on your Facebook

3. Send me  your Facebook homepage’s URL (Don’t post your FB URL on the comments)

Note: Make sure you share it with “Public” status so that I can see it.

That it. Once I got your email and verified you have posted it successfully, I will send a keycode for free ASAP.

I am not sure if Cinch wants to extend longer time but they are willing to have this giveaway for 1 month. So, please hurry up. If you have any question, please leave your comment.


  • Niccolò B
    Niccolò B

    Hi, I’d like to know if this giveaway is still valid. Thank you.

  • Mattia

    Hi, has this promotion expired? 🙂

  • Kikki

    Is this offer still valid? Thanks.

  • Kyle Stunkard
    Kyle Stunkard

    Yo D check my post on Facebook. please send code asap thxs

  • Kyle Stunkard
    Kyle Stunkard

    Hello D, please respond to me threw Gmail I really need you see my Facebook post to everyone about cinch audio. Please Gmail me a life time code, thxs kyle

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