Spotify is the best and most popular streaming music service in the world. It’s easy to access 30 million songs for total FREE on your device as long as you have got the internet. But there is one imperfect thing is that you can’t download Spotify music to your local device as MP3 files since you can’t get the internet or WIFI all time. People need MP3 files for make music CD or play it on a MP3 player. So, in this guide, I will show you how to capture Spotify music and save it as MP3 step by step.

All we need is streaming audio recorder software that can detect when a song is start and end so you don’t need to press a start button for starting a song recording and click stop button for ending a song recording. If the recording software will add ID3 tags for each recorded song automatically will be perfect.


Check this:

Cinch Audio Recorder is a 1-click streaming music recording tool that can capture Spotify music as .mp3 files with ID3 tagged. Not only for streaming music sites, but also supports internet radio, file sharing sites and podcast station, giving music fans the chance to keep copies of their favorite tracks wherever they go.


How to capture Spotify music step by step?

  1. Download Cinch Audio Recorder, please check your OS version (Windows and Mac)Download Windows versionDownload mac version
  2. Install and launch the Cinch on your desktop
  3. You will see the “Start” button on the top left and click it to ready music recording
  4. Playing Spotify on your computer no matter you are playing it with web browser or local app.
  5. When a song recording is done, you can find it by clicking the folder icon on the bottom right. All recorded songs will be saved on the “Music” folder

That it. The Cinch will record your Spotify playlist and output .mp3 files for you. 1 click solution for capturing Spotify songs.

What’s great about Cinch Audio Recorder is that the software starts recording automatically when you play a specific song or an entire playlist. When recording is already completed, you can view the title lists found inside the “Folder” icon which you can see at the bottom.


What else can it do?

Cinch Audio Recorder is not just limited to music recording. It captures all important details relevant to the song such as song title, album name and track length.

Apart from this, the user-intuitive software also allows users to modify the track details if there are necessary corrections to be made. Just click on the “ID3 Editor” button and make necessary changes on the edit fields.


That is for how to capture streaming music like Spotify, you can use it to download any streaming music or online radio music. Please comment if you have other ways to download music.

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