With the vast choices available right now for media resources, Spotify has cemented its name as the best or one of the top choices when it comes to music streaming.


Merely ten years of being in business, Spotify has become one of the most accessible and smart choices if you want access to a library of digital music. Surely, with the high streaming quality and diversity, nothing can beat Spotify.


What makes Spotify highly recommended is its no drama platform.

The interface is very user-friendly, and its built-in options for selection are straightforward. This “freemium” service is for everyone. Depending on preference, the free version would provide you with free basic features and the usual dose of advertisements and restrictions while the paid subscriptions would provide the user with more features and advantages.


It is no wonder that most of Spotify’s members are proud of their Premium subscriptions.


The monthly rates are fair, and with access to more than 35 million songs, the chance to download and listen to 3,333 songs without internet and not having to wait for new releases is surely just a few sweet reasons to consider in acquiring a Premium subscription. The absence of ads alone is enough reason to go for a monthly paid service.


As of date, Spotify is available in 65 countries and expect to reach more soon.

There are countries where this service is not yet available. Countries like China, Russia, India, Egypt, and South Africa are just some of the countries where Spotify is not yet at the consumers’ disposal. There are pending negotiations for some of these countries, but factors like internet-governing laws, internet censorship, internet stability, economic and political situations are major considerations for Spotify to consider an expansion to a country.


China, for instance, has this Great Firewall put into place to regulate network traffic, and no, it is not just Spotify that’s blocked but all other incoming international data from social media and streaming mediums like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Hulu just to name a few. These are considered potential threats to China’s government.


Spotify, being a giant in the music streaming industry, for sure has plans of launching on these countries mentioned above because they can attract a good percentage of consumers. China, India, Russia, Egypt, and South Africa are considered some of the biggest markets when it comes to technology and the internet. If and when Spotify launches in these countries will translate into Spotify’s powerful coverage and accessibility.


For the young and music savvy coming from these countries, do not feel upset.

One of the biggest advantages of today’s population is the ability to look for working alternative solutions while waiting for an official launch date and release. There are numerous free software and hacks for almost every internet restriction. As the popular saying goes: “If there’s a will then there’s a way.”


Here is a sure recommendation for the music enthusiasts to enjoy the million of songs from Spotify if you live in any of the countries mentioned above. You get to listen to these songs over and over again even without internet connection. You can enjoy the high quality that Spotify takes pride on with this effective method.


To achieve this practical goal, you need three things which include a good internet connection, your preferred browser and your wits!


The first step is pretty simple and will highly depend on your preference, but the goal is to access Spotify. You have to access either of these websites: open.spotify.com or play.spotify.com. Any of these links will lead you to the streaming page of Spotify where you can look for the artist, song, or genre of your choice.


Importance of VPN connection

The second option is to download a VPN connection that will unblock any restrictions and allow you to access Spotify more conveniently. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help interested music fans access Spotify by making their IP addresses secure and undetectable. With this efficient tool, you can create an encrypted connection over a current computer network or internet source. This network platform is designed to help users create a secure access over sensitive business applications in relation to financial systems, business management and trade secrets.


VPN seems to be a smart solution to prevent unscrupulous computer wizards steals someone else’s private information. Since personal data can be illegally collected without prior consent, many people have become fallen victims of cybercrimes like bank fraud and identity theft. The ultimate goal of VPN is to provide internet users the best protection against potential threats through the power of invisibility on the internet. This essential software has now become a major contributor to help individuals and businesses safeguard their online operations and avoid getting hacked.


VPN system is normally installed on a computer network or may appear as a professional service website that requires log-in details from subscribers. This special software allows your computer to exchange information with a remote server through which all local and international data traffics are completely secured from any unauthorized access. It’s a service platform that helps someone browse the internet safely without getting monitored or identified by any data traffic regulator. With this modern tool, you are able to access many blocked sites from the international scene such as Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


If you care about your personal security and online privacy, VPN is definitely a must-have software to access Spotify and become a premium account user. VPN software features a unique ability to conceal your true IP address and replace it with a temporary IP location. This would give you a complete privacy to all your online activities since VPN will make it impossible for any firewall system to track your position. So, when you visit Spotify and listen to its comprehensive music library, you won’t feel bothered about anything that can block your access or flag you down.


The best benefits of VPN software

VPN offers internet users more than just hiding their online presence through a secure network. Here’s what you can get with this remarkable tool:

  • No visible link between computer and created user connections
  • Complete browsing experience with no detection from your ISP, firewall and data blockers
  • Full security against hackers since all activities are encrypted
  • External agencies won’t be able to prevent users in accessing different websites
  • Unidentifiable IP address
  • No quality loss regardless of internet speed
  • Flexible pricing models


Learn the power of Cinch Audio Recorder

Alternatively, you can utilize the recording genius of Cinch Audio Recorder to have your favorite Spotify music stored on your PC. This is a free-to-pay, downloadable smart audio recorder software recognized for its quality output.  You can download it here: http://www.cinchsolution.com.


Cinch Audio Recorder is considered as the top choice when it comes to Spotify recorders released on the market today. It is very user-friendly and gets the job done. This powerful recorder can also intelligently filter out those unwanted ads. At best, it records the audio tracks at a bit rate of 320 kbp/s and in lossless WAV compared to some Spotify recorders that generate low sound even if it is already the paid version.


Lossless WAV or superb sound quality is vital when you transfer the song track to your smartphone as it can retain all quality details of the track in Spotify. The only difference is it reduces the file size in an efficient manner. Cinch Audio Recorder got this particular feature at point thus making them really highly recommended. The more you can save to your library with minimal storage space and without compromising the audio quality is definitely a winner.


You need not to purchase or install additional support tools or programs for it to work. After recording, it automatically saves the recorded media to MP3. Once saved, then it becomes part of your music library and you can share it on all your media devices. Even without the internet, you can listen to your downloaded Spotify music on your phone while on your way to school or work.


With each download, you add another song to your growing personal library made easy with Cinch Audio Recorder’s automatic ID3 Tagger which is almost 100% accurate. The ID3 Tagger lets the user get the title, artist, and album for each recorded song. This feature will make your library organized. Again, this is a praiseworthy feature especially if you plan to transfer it to your other devices like phones and tablets.


Once Cinch Audio Recorder has been successfully installed, everything moving forward will already be a breeze.  Once you are in Spotify, follow these simple steps to start recording:

  1. Click on Cinch Audio Recorder’s start recording button.
  2. Play the music on Spotify.
  3. Once done, just easily click on the stop recording button. The software will display the tags like the artist’s name, album name, and song title once is done, and it will save the audio in an MP3 format.


The Spotify app, VPN tool and Cinch Audio Recorder are three highly effective platforms that triple the benefits of each service. All of these will not fail you when it comes to quality and effectiveness. With these viable options, it really becomes a smart way for music lovers to bypass the restrictions and limitations of their countries to streaming sites like Spotify. Although currently topped on each of their categories, these accessible platforms would continuously earn the consumers’ confidence and positive reviews once Spotify becomes available worldwide.

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