Designing a customized logo seems difficult for many people especially if they do not have the creative talent to transform fresh ideas into a graphical representation. Why do you need to spend thousands of dollars only to hire a professional graphic artist if you can create your own distinctive logo with DesignEvo?


DesignEvo and its remarkable features

DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that enables users to build their own professional logo, free of charge. It’s an intuitive custom logo creator designed to produce professionally-made logos from over 6000 templates and millions of graphic icons. Logo templates come in 34 different categories which are perfect to match the specific needs of every industry. You can decide to opt from a broad range of categories including business, sports, technology, shopping, academics and more.

DesignEvo provides a smart solution to help start-up companies and independent professionals establish their own profiles without having to spend excessive fees to professional designers. This tool comes with a user-friendly interface that makes professional logo creation look simple. It delivers a vast collection of custom templates, text styles, icons and borders, making logo creation a fun activity for everyone. Apart from this, DesignEvo is easy to navigate that even those without designing expertise including kids can produce their stunning logos in a few minutes.


Fortunately, DesignEvo provides several pre-designed templates to help you get started. The search function is also given to help you find the suitable logo template you wish to work on with. Once the template is uploaded, you can start filling it up with your desired fonts, background colors, and shapes using DesignEvo’s built-in editor. What’s more, DesignEvo makes it simple to create professional-looking logos because of its drag-and-drop function that enables you to put everything on the working board so quickly.

It seems like a delightful feeling to use DesignEvo and design an exclusive logo for free. The DesignEvo team is giving away coupon codes which you can easily redeem in just a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Visit and log-in to your DesignEvo account (sign up if you don’t have one).
  2. Create a custom logo using its 6000+ templates and download the logo output.
  3. Proceed to the pricing page, select Plus package (priced at $39.99) and wait for the confirmation email indicating your coupon redemption (Contact me to get 100% free coupon).

Apart from being free, DesignEvo doesn’t require any download or software registration to utilize this. However, paid packages are offered to acquire the “copyright ownership” of the logo without giving due credits to DesignEvo anymore.


DesignEvo is an awesome tool that enables everyone to create his or her own logo without exerting a lot of effort. You can benefit so much from using this online logo maker rather than paying a professional to do the job.

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