Spotify gives music fans a lot of reasons to enjoy MP3 music to the fullest. Spotify’s popularity in the online mainstream continues to grow as the world’s widest streaming music platform keeps expanding each day. This amazing software is offered either free or paid subscriptions, and people get easy access to more than 30 million songs through playlists or albums. Because of this, Spotify users have developed a strong demand to acquire these most requested songs directly from Spotify.


Unfortunately, not all Spotify songs can be downloaded for free even if you are already a paying subscriber. Several Spotify music downloaders now exist on the market, and one of them is a Chrome extension called Spotify Deezer Music. With Spotify Deezer Music Downloader, you can secure your precious Spotify and Deezer music on PCs and mobile phones in high-quality MP3 format. It’s an intuitive Google browser that allows you to download playlists, lectures, albums and even podcasts from Spotify and Deezer web player.


The best alternative source of quality music

Spotify Deezer Music works as an extension of Google Chrome, equipped with a search pop-up function to locate music from Spotify and other streaming music sites. This direct extension helps you find and acquire the MP3 songs you like by means of name matching from Spotify playlist. It performs a basic search, matching song titles or playlist names and does not store any content like what major streaming music sites can do. This is why Spotify Deezer Music extension is perfect for music lovers who only want free music supported by a lightweight solution.


Let’s find out more about Spotify Deezer Music

Spotify Deezer Music extension enables you to download thousands of MP3 music in few simple clicks. A download button is located within the Chrome extension, allowing you to get the MP3 music directly from the streaming music platform. Each song or playlist is provided a “green” download button which gives you the option to choose the songs individually. This easy-to-navigate Chrome extension can search through several MP3 libraries from Spotify and is expected to download each music track or playlist without any quality loss.

On the web player interface, there’s a tutorial provided to help you get started with Spotify Deezer music downloader. Users are free to navigate Spotify web player through the browser. The Chrome extension will automatically search through MP3 libraries or detect the Spotify playlist then the download process will begin when you click. Remember that Spotify Deezer Music extension will only work when you open a Spotify playlist page and not on its homepage.

One good thing about Spotify Deezer Music extension is that you can manually select the tracks you want or select an entire playlist prior to downloading. Downloading process will consume longer minutes particularly if you are downloading the whole playlist from Spotify. What’s making it longer to complete is due to numerous Spotify ADs that play in between the music tracks. However, this extension can filter out these bothering ADs away, leaving your downloaded audios free from unwanted sounds. Once downloading is completed, you can find all downloaded music in your assigned or default output folder.


Spotify Deezer Music extension does not have any output audio settings to customize your songs before downloading. Despite this limited feature, this extension is still capable of downloading original sound quality from the source. Not only that, you may encounter corrupted songs, wrong downloaded tracks, file errors or even site crash for unknown reasons. Also, there’s no automatic file tagging, so you need to edit the downloaded tracks one by one when you are done. Hopefully, the next version will include a “Download Album” option and basic file tags like song artist and track length.


Spotify Deezer Music downloader does not perform music downloading in advance. You are required to repeat the process when incidents like connection failure, power interruption, computer crash or browser errors happen while downloading songs. Downloading process may encounter interruptions at times, so you need to keep coming back on your PC to check things out. The current Spotify Deezer Music downloader is Version 2.2 with 62.12KiB file size. Spotify Deezer Music Downloader is an excellent free alternative though end results will vary according to connection speed and PC hardware installed in your machine.


Spotify Deezer Music extension can cover most of the songs from Spotify though it doesn’t have a download link for some specific songs. In some instances, Spotify playlist with a considerable number of music tracks tends to slow your computer down or may encounter error messages during downloading. Some music tracks are not fully downloaded or cut short in the middle of the track while others do not have any sound at all. If you find a shorter playlist, say 60 songs or lower, the Chrome extension will likely run better than longer track listings. Adding to this, there’s no “Select All” button option, meaning you need to download the song one by one or choose a whole playlist to get more songs.


Chrome extensions like Spotify Deezer Music downloader may give users some challenges to deal with, but these are regarded as free alternative options with no subscription required. Some users encounter longer response time from Spotify Deezer Music downloader or worse, didn’t download any song even if the message said: “Download complete.” In some cases, error messages such as “No File Found,” “Network failed,” or “Audio Not Found” appear on the screen randomly. To solve this, it is suggested to reinstall Google Chrome once you confront these common issues.


Auto-detection of Spotify songs and playlist

Works on different streaming sites like Google Music, SoundCloud, and Deezer among others

Requires no software or plug-in installation

Supports all operating systems that run Google Chrome

Supports all operating systems that run Google Chrome

Highly intuitive, even less-savvy users can manage



Low-quality output audio (better music quality)

Random file errors

Individual downloading which means more time is consumed

Limited options and no output settings

Seldom system crash and longer response time

No ID tagging



There are a lot of music extensions available out there but consider only the one that is more accurate and lesser inconveniences to deal with. Indeed, Spotify Deezer Music extension will suit you the best if you wish not to install any software or just use a free alternative solution to download your favorite songs.

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