The Cinch Audio Recorder is the one thing that everyone should have, especially to those who love recording music, talk shows, podcasts and basically anything audio.  You can easily record, just save it to the computer, mobile or hard drive, and you get on-the-go audio that you can access anytime, anywhere, without even the need for internet access.

Here are five reasons why it is a must-have for us:


Just launch Cinch Audio Recorder. Click on the “Start Recording” button found at the upper left-hand corner of its interface. Play the audio you want.  Stop the recording once the audio is done, and it’s automatically saved in an MP3 file.



The most beautiful feature of Cinch Audio Recorder is its flexibility.  You can basically record from any audio platform!  You just go through the same process of recording, and you’ll get the same audio quality.  Just name it, be it, Soundcloud, TuneIt, All Music, Jango, Google Play, Live 365, Slacker Radio, and many more – Cinch can record from all of these platforms!


With just a click on the yellow record button, you are on the journey to an “on-the-go” audio that you can play and access anytime without even the need of an internet connection. Picture this: You are in an airport where there is an intermittent or slow internet connection. You want to listen to an audio while waiting for your flight. The favorite audio that you recorded from Cinch will come in handy in situations like this.



Apart from it being as easy as 1-2-3, Cinch Audio Recorder is also a hassle-free recording tool!  If you are recording multiple songs or an entire playlist, just stop the recording at the end of the playlist. Cinch has a feature that automatically saves the songs separately.  No need to manually start and stop recording the end of each song.



As in anything, the most important thing is quality.  Cinch records your audio in crystal clear, which is the best thing!

Did I mention that we can basically record from almost any platforms?  Here are some of the list of platforms where you can record audio using Cinch Audio Recorder.

SOUNDCLOUD: It is a big music library that has no advertisements that would ruin your music appreciation time.   A favorite artist can be followed and other users on Soundcloud. You can access their playlists or get updated if they have a new one. You can also upload songs and share to everyone.  If you are a music artist or sound director yourself, you can even create in your account and upload them.

TUNE-IN: It is a radio streaming tool that is accessible through its website, or, through an app downloaded for use in Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone and Bada devices.  It can also be used on Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic Viera TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sonos and Sbox One. US-based company, it was founded by Bill Moore in Year 2002 and was initially known as Radio Time. With over 100,000 radio networks that are made available, TuneIn can deliver a variety of audio information in addition to music, such as news, sports programs, and radio talks. It supports podcasts and audiobooks as well.

JANGO: It is an audio platform that plays songs from an artist or on the same genre. The great thing about Jango is you can even see the latest tweet by the band or artist. There are other options you can edit the frequency by its rating system.

GOOGLE PLAY: It’s available to stream online and on podcasts.  It has the same concept as an online music locker that can store up to 50,000 music for free.  They have a good selection of music, but if you want to store more, you need to pay more.

YAHOO! MUSIC RADIO: Yahoo! Music Radio, formerly known as LAUNCHcast, was an internet radio service which sadly also discontinued either in the Year 2013 or Year 2014. It was a free service with advertisement intermissions, as in any other music service platforms.  Free subscriptions were only limited up to 1,000 songs per month and had access only to stations that were labeled “free,” which is quite restrictive for someone who loves music. It was only accessed through Internet Explorer, so an alternative, that is, Yahoo! Music Jukebox was launched later on to accommodate other browsers.

SONGZA: A music streaming service platform, Songza is available in Canada and in the United States. It started in Year 2008 while the app was launched in Year 2010.  It was later on acquired by Google Play in the Year 2014 with a rumored $15 Million to $39 Million deal.  Its unique and interesting feature is its Music Concierge.  There’s more to your music search in Songza!  In addition to searching for genres, artists, albums, and songs, you are presented with various choices of mood or activity depending on the day or time you are using it.   An example, if you are logged in on a Friday late morning.  You are presented with six activities such as fashion week, working, working out, doing housework, taking the day off and brand new music.  It will then direct you to songs or playlists after choosing an activity.

LIVE365: Live365, One of the earliest internet and radio station platforms. It started Year 1999.  Due to the imposition of high royalties, it was closed in 2016, which is a sad thing. It revived its operation recently in Year 2017.  The good thing about this site is an artist can upload their songs and earn from it.

Hundreds of radio stations from a variety of genres such us Jazz, Classical, Gospel, Dance, Rock, Oldies, R&B, Hip-Hop, and a lot more you can listen.  Topics such as finance, trends, business, fashion, and anything you might be interested. All of these you can enjoy by creating an account with them or registering.

Be sure to be bombarded with ads that distract you when you’re listening to your songs or from your listening session.  Getting a paid subscription is the only way to get away with the ads. This is available in the online or mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire

RADIO.COM: It is an online audio and video streaming service that broadcasts all stations of CBS Radio, which owns a majority of radio stations in the United States.  Radio stations from other countries aren’t available.  But, given the wide variety of radio stations in the U.S, it is already good enough to listen to.  You can listen to music, sports, news, interviews with artists, mini-documentaries and anything available in the United States.

You can listen to via worldwide web or via your mobile app, which is for free. You can tune in to podcasts or follow your favorite sports team and games via your local U.S station.  Sports station streaming includes MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and college team sports events. You can also listen to personalities in CBR Sports Radio such as, but not limited to, Tiki & Tierney, Jim Rome, and Scott Ferrall.

SLACKER.COM: Slacker Radio is an online music streaming platform that was founded in the Year 2007 by Dennis Mudd, a former CEO of Music Match, later known as Yahoo! Music. It’s available online, and the app can be downloaded on smartphones or devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, Sony Internet TV, Roku, Blu-Ray player, Xbox, and many others.

From this website, you can easily get an account for free, but the problem is the ads shown every 30 seconds or every minute. To get away with ads, the solution to this is paying a subscription either from two packages Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker Radio Premium.  Although, both offer the same features.


You can get great music from these music streaming sites using Cinch Audio Recorder. Just be sure to input your license to get an unlimited recording option.

The one thing to like about this software compared to another audio recorder out there when recording on these music streaming sites is the easy recording. If you have tried other software, you will notice that some files or extension needed to record.

It’s easier to record and save it as a single file by a few tweaks in the settings by increasing the time on “Automatic splitting.” Also, creating a ringtone out of this recorded music is an awesome thing. You won’t be confused when receiving messages from friends and family. Have fun creating a ringtone that suits you.

Just go through the drill of launching the Cinch Audio Recording, tap on the “Start Recording” button, then tap again the same button that now reads “Stop Recording” once you are done, and it automatically saves as MP3 in the drive of your choice. Lastly, make sure to transfer all your recorded music to a different folder.

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