You can find thousands of free software programs over the internet that allow you to convert audio tracks from music streaming or file-sharing sites to Mp3 format.

Some programs will allow you to record songs or videos directly accessed on different music platforms like iTunes, Napster, AOL, and other famous sites.

Just like, this is designed to convert audio tracks from Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Unfortunately, a lot of people complain that is not always working smoothly.


Typical complaints about include:

  • Install file size is large (123MB) I suspected it is doing unknown things on my computer than downloading music
  • Slow conversion rate
  • Non-responsive on long-playing audio files
  • Website crashes even before downloading starts
  • Output music is another version of what you tried to download
  • Audio output is not always good
  • The download is not completed or does not start at all
  • Makes PC hang up (though this will depend on internet speed and file size you have set)

Luckily, there is always an alternative when you encounter problems with while recording or converting music.

Check this:

Cinch Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use recording app that helps you create high-quality music straight from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and many others.

Not only streaming sites, but Cinch Audio Recorder also supports internet radio, file sharing sites and podcast station, giving music fans the chance to keep copies of their favorite tracks wherever they go.

With this tool, you can perform the recording directly from the site instead of copying or pasting URLs.

When you download Cinch Audio Recorder, check the OS version (Windows and Mac) that matches your PC prior to software installation.

Download Windows versionDownload mac version

You will see the “Start” button upon launching the software.

Cinch is now ready to record your music played from different sites like Spotify, iTunes and cloud storage platforms.

Remember, refrain from using audio players while the music recording is ongoing.


There is a “Stop” button located on the screen to terminate the recording. You can always repeat the recording process if you aren’t satisfied with the audio quality.

What’s great about Cinch Audio Recorder is that the software starts recording automatically when you play a specific song or an entire playlist. When recording is already completed, you can view the title lists found inside the “Folder” icon which you can see at the bottom.


What else can it do?

Cinch Audio Recorder is not just limited to music recording. It captures all important details relevant to the song such as song title, album name and track length.

Apart from this, the user-intuitive software also allows users to modify the track details if there are necessary corrections to be made. Just click on the “ID3 Editor” button and make necessary changes on the edit fields.


If you encounter broken audio tracks or poor records, you can delete the files directly from the playlist and do the recording again.

Audio settings are available to customize your own music copies according to sound quality and preferred file format.

Your files will not get lost since all finished recordings are saved automatically to your output folder.


Music downloading has been easier with the use of free recording tools from the internet. You can always rely on Cinch Audio Recorder as alternative software rather than trying to resolve problems with audio-converting sites like

Ever wondered if you can play your favorite music or playlist anytime without any ads or playback restrictions from Spotify using your Blackberry device?

Well, you definitely can. There are 2 ways to enjoy Spotify on Blackberry. The first one is install Spotify app through Blackberry app store. However, the app is not working well as you can see user comments on the app download page. The other way is to download Spotify music on your computer as .mp3 files and then transfer them to your phone. The great thing is that you don’t need to be online just to hear your favorite music.

Great right? Whether you are a Youtuber or a blogger, you will surely love this software. If you are interested to know how I do it, continue reading the article, and you will definitely be trying it out as soon as you learn how simple it is.


Of course, we will need a little help from our buddy Cinch Audio Recorder.


What is Cinch Audio Recorder?

It is a software tool that allows you to legally record any audio and music from the audio on your computer and online music sources like AOL, Youtube, Spotify, etc.

* Be able to record online streaming music or radio and save it as MP3 files (320kbp/s) separately

* Automatic ID3 tagger (with an almost perfect accuracy of 100%). Acquiring details such as Artist, Title, and Album.

* Save recorded tracks as lossless WAV

* Have the option of muted sound (feature when you are in the library recording)

* Create a ringtone or edit an audio

* No ads at all (audio Ads occurs in between songs)

* Virtual Sound Card extension file isn’t needed.

* Support high-resolution screen

* 1 click operation, simple enough for everyone


This audio recorder is a robust program that is simple to use. When you look at it, you will know that it’s simple and easy to follow, it ensures that you get excellent quality audio sounds with high fidelity.

The recorder makes use of a virtual sound card for it to be able to record audio and convert it to MP3 or M4A with 100% lossless and original quality.

The software is capable of intelligently filtering out all the ads that are played during the recording process. You simply have to do the configuration and rest are automated

The recording will be made available in a few seconds. The innovative and unique features are what made its rise in popularity.

It’s actually considered one of the best audio recorder for people who streams music a lot. The audio you recorded can be muted for your preference while recording.


If you are recording inside a library, the mute recording is the impressive feature that you will get..

Also, you are provided with the option on how you handle your tracks.

The audio tracks that you recorded with the aid of Cinch Audio Recorder can be edited right from the app. You will be able to create ringtones in the mobile as well and save it. If you have heard of a song whether, from the radio or some other devices, this software will be there for you at your disposal.


In this tutorial, we will use Spotify as our source

Everyone uses Spotify to stream music, and it is an excellent app though there are certain restrictions if you’re on the free version compared to premium. Not all are willing to pay for an app to listen to music if we can’t maximize the use of it, so some of us including me sticks with the free version where we have to listen to some ads from time to time.

Using Cinch Audio Recorder, you can maximize your music streaming by legally recording your favorite music.

Before you acquire the tool Cinch Audio Recorder, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the functionality of it as well, here are the steps how you can do it.

Step 1: Install and launch the Cinch Audio Recorder software from your desktop. It can be installed just like when you install a software on your desktop.

Step 2: Click on the round button to “Start” recording it is on the top left of your screen. The software is now ready to record any music you want.

Note: For no interruptions or other audio be recorded, be sure to close other applications or messaging software.

Step 3: Play your favorite track from Spotify that you would like to record. Cinch will start recording the tracks and at the same time capturing all the details such as title, artist, album details, etc.

Step 4: Click on the round button again to “Stop” (Same yellow button on the top left) when completing a recording.

Step 5: The music files recorded will be saved on your local drive which can be viewed by clicking on the icon “Folder” on the bottom right of the screen. Recorded tracks also appear on the software the moment it is done the recording. You can choose to save the file as MP3 or WAV format.

Change the Folder Path of the Recorded Music Files: All the recorded music files get stored in a Folder on your local drive. This path can be changed:

Step 1: Open the Cinch Audio Recorder click on the icon “Setting” in the top right of the screen, then select “Folder Path.”

Step 2: Edit or change the “Folder Path” and Save it

Change the Folder Path of the Recorded Music Files: All the recorded music files get stored in a Folder on your local drive.


This path can be changed:

Step 1: Open the Cinch Audio click on the “Setting” icon at the top right of the screen and then select “Folder Path.”

Step 2: Edit or change the “Folder Path” and Save it.

Step 3: Now access this file by clicking on the “Folder” icon on the bottom right. Then browse on to the new folder you’ve made, copy your music, paste it into your local device and then start listening to your music playlist on your Blackberry.


Edit ID3 Tags:

This software comes with a unique feature which captures all the relevant information of the music file you’ve recorded. However, If you still want to change some information then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the Cinch Audio Recorder Software and select the “Track” that you would like to modify.

Step 2: Click on the second icon starting from the right showing “ID3 Editor”. There will be a pop up with all the important information about the music that is already added will show.

Step 3: Change the field that you would like to change and click on “Save.“

It is so simple, right? Now you don’t have to be stacked with lame music whenever you don’t have internet access or listen to those Spotify ads. All you have to do is install Cinch Audio Recorder and start recording your own playlist. No need to go premium to play your favorite music.

The same process goes when you want to record audio from another online streaming app or sites. It even works for online radio stations.

Now, why choose to use Cinch Audio Recorder?

  • It is convenient and straightforward to use.
  • It has a high rate of reviews from users worldwide. Providing high-quality professional audios. The software has the ability to record audio tracks at a bit rate of 320kbps. With that being said, even if your audio streamer is streaming at 128kbps, it still has the ability to save it t a higher bit rate.

Most of the known audio recorders that you will be able to download or buy from online or the market don’t come along with this functionality.

* It doesn’t come along with any advertisement. Hence you can use the software without being interrupted.



* Simple and easy to record any streaming music and save it as MP3 files (up to 320kbp/s or be able to save as lossless WAV ) on a different format.

* Get artist, title, album cover of a recorded song, and name.

* Able to mute while recording (it is useful when you need recording in a quiet environment)

* Create a ringtone from a recorded music

* Great support (get a reply from support team within 3 hours)


* It’s not available for Mac, Android, and iPhone

* Records all the sound that is played on your computer

* The unregistered version only allows recording for 5 songs

* No need to wait a longer period of time to see your recordings


All in all Cinch audio recorder is a simple yet powerful streaming music recording tool for all who wants to get their favorite songs on a music streaming site. Cinch Audio Recorder is a great tool especially if you’re in a location with no internet connection.

All who stream audio on their laptops/computers will find this tool very useful. That’s because they will have the option to record and listen their favorite tracks with no limits and internet connection.

Now, you might be already wondering how much a Cinch Audio Recorder will cost you. This software is worth $25USD for a registered version. Not bad for a quality result.  Cinch audio recorder recently offered a free license for everybody.

Create like a pro with Cinch Audio Recorder. Have fun creating your projects with Cinch Audio Recorder.

Spotify users are fully aware that all media contents from the world’s best streaming music provider aren’t free to download. Though Spotify premium subscription allows downloading for offline listening, users won’t be able to access the recorded music from any other device except on their official account page. The reason why is, the Spotify music and playlist are legally protected with DRM technology which prohibits direct downloading from the users. So, how can you resolve this issue? You will definitely need a powerful music converter which has the capacity to remove DRM encryption without decreasing the audio quality of Spotify Music.


Meet the perfect Spotify music downloader

Don’t feel upset with DRM anymore because TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has the ultimate solution to break this accessibility problem. TuneFab Music Converter is designed to get rid of the DRM security from Spotify songs and allows easy downloading of converted files for offline listening. This unique converter isn’t only working as a DRM remover but also performing efficiently as a music downloader for Spotify and other prominent streaming music platforms. The recording output is automatically downloaded and converted to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC with no damage to sound quality.


Advanced ID3 tag and auto file adjustments

TuneFab Music Converter delivers excellent Spotify music conversion at 5X faster speed with no loss of quality throughout the entire procedure. While downloading, this efficient music converter also preserves the original ID3 tags and other metadata info like song title, track duration, cover album and artist name of every converted file. Since incorrect details are inevitable during conversion, TuneFab Music Converter allows you to make the necessary changes by editing the specific areas. This special feature can keep your personal music library look organized and neat as well.


TuneFab Music Converter also offers a complete adjustment options to customize your output files the way you want them. You can select your preferred file format, audio codec, sample rate and more importantly, conversion speed in order to comply with your music taste and available devices at hand. Be sure to adjust the file parameters even before you begin the conversion. Also, you can convert multiple Spotify music and perform batch downloading using the software’s drag-and-drop functionality. One thing more, this user-friendly software can filter out all running ads from a playlist and separate the tracks automatically.


Quick access on all devices

TuneFab Music Converter is built simple but elegant enough to impress both beginners and active users of recording/converting apps. With this incredible tool, you can listen to your favorite music hits from Spotify on different devices, and there’s no need to connect your premium access to acquire the songs. The huge advantage of this awesome converter is that you can download Spotify music comfortably even if you’re not a premium Spotify subscriber. This only means that you can download the songs easily as long as you have the Spotify app installed on your PC.


TuneFab Music Converter is fully accessible on both Windows and Mac recent operating systems. You will not encounter any compatibility issues upon installation. However, you need to install Spotify in advance. Expect the same results from both OS versions, but unfortunately, this software isn’t available on mobile platforms. Nevertheless, you still have the best privilege to transfer your Spotify music to most portable devices including iPod, tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones and even gaming consoles.


When it comes to the application process, TuneFab Music converter is very easy to install, and completion will only take you less than five minutes. You can start the installation process by visiting the main page and find the download links. Select the appropriate operating system that matches your PC and start downloading the file which weighs approximately 20MB. Download time takes less than two minutes and once downloading is done, you can start running the installation wizard and follow the succeeding instructions.


The user interface of TuneFab Music Converter is highly intuitive, meaning you don’t need to undergo any extensive software orientation to get yourself familiarized with it. However, your Spotify app should be installed first before launching this software. Before you get started, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will automatically display the songs, audiobooks and playlists to help you with file selection. What you’re about to see on the main window are only the basics and some functional buttons.


From the main menu, you will encounter the “File” and “Help” links. The file section contains all necessary preferences or adjustment settings you will need before you proceed with the conversion. You can find the conversion speed which allows you to determine the scale of the conversion ranging between one and 16. It is recommended to set the speed at “five” to achieve better results and reduce the chances of getting errors and audio skipping in the end.


Aside from conversion speed, you can also set your desired file output which seems very helpful if you want to organize the files more systematically. The last option is the language selection which enables you to utilize this software in your comfortable spoken language though there are only three available languages to choose from. You’ll notice that your Spotify contents like playlists, albums, and individual songs appear on the left side of the user interface. The rest of the screen is allocated for the music conversion and file management tasks.


Exploring TuneFab Music Converter

Acquiring a Spotify premium access may become useless if you get to know a better alternative to download Spotify music fast and convenient. TuneFab Music Converter appears to be the best Spotify ripper to make way for DRM-restricted songs to become accessible. It isn’t just a Spotify to MP3 converter, but also an exceptional DRM removing a tool that can deliver MP3 songs with 320kbps audio quality on every click. Not only that, this amazing converter will definitely work for both free and premium Spotify accounts as well as other different streaming music user accounts you may have.


TuneFab Music Converter doesn’t require too much disk space, but be more cautious when you’re performing the bulk conversion. Here’s what you need to do in order to maximize the potential of TuneFab Music Converter:

Step 1: Launching the TuneFab Music Converter

To begin with, you are required to download the software according to your current OS from its official website and then install it. Upon launching the software, start adding the Spotify songs by using the drag-and-drop method. Another option is you can click the button “Add Files” to select the specific songs, albums, track listing, and audiobooks and wait for the files to appear on the screen on your desktop. Alternatively, you may also try to copy and paste the URL directly into the search bar of the converter which is found at the bottom.

Step 2: Selecting MP3 as Your default format

For this process, click the “Options” and then select “Advanced” to pick MP3 as your auto-file output format. During this stage, you can adjust other output options such as sample rate and bit rate and conversion speed to help you organize your converted files better. If you aren’t satisfied with the sound results, you can always reset the settings until you figure out the right profile.

Step 3: Choosing your target destination

To do this, proceed to the “General” section of the interface and determine the output folder where to keep the converted files.


Step 4: Completing the conversion process

After setting up the output folder, click the “Convert” button and wait for the whole process to complete. Download time will depend on the volume of Spotify songs that were added to the converter. When the conversion process is complete, you can proceed to the “History” section to check the files one by one. From here, you can manage your personal files, create back up or copy these DRM-free Spotify songs to another device.

Now, if you feel undecided whether to get this ultimate music converter installed on your PC, you can settle with a free version of TuneFab Music Converter to evaluate its performance for the next 30 days. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to convert the first three minutes of each file, and the software will stop right after. However, you can upgrade your subscription to a premium which only requires a modest one-time payment of $39.95 for a single user. The price seems a bit affordable for budget-conscious users who are looking for an awesome music converter to get rid of DRM and pesky online ads at the same time.



  • Easy download and conversion of Spotify tracks and playlists
  • Convert Spotify music to lossless MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV together with ID3 tags
  • Converts Spotify music to MP3 at 5X average conversion speed while retaining original sounds
  • Permanently removes DRM from your Spotify music
  • Intuitive user interface and adjustment settings
  • Provides video tutorials
  • Easy access to customer support



  • Software crash depending on hardware resources
  • Requires payment for premium subscription


TuneFab Music Converter seems to be an interesting, useful software that allows you to enjoy your favorite Spotify music free from DRM protection. You are able to break the music barriers easily and get the type of music you want using a great selection of conversion settings. If this software program doesn’t work for you, try Cinch as an alternative.

If you’re looking for some pure music entertainment, Spotify isn’t the only choice of streaming music service available out there. You can settle with Pandora, Google Music, iHeartRadio or Slacker Radio to name a few. However, what if you have decided to switch to another platform and permanently discarded your current Spotify premium account? For sure, you’ll be worried about losing all the Spotify songs that you had downloaded to your phone or added to your playlist when you cancel a premium subscription.

For many subscribers, their main question is, “Will they still be able to enjoy listening to their downloaded music once they terminate their premium access?

Unfortunately, it’s not; you definitely lose the privilege to download music for offline listening from Spotify. Once you have cancelled your subscription, you’d only be given free access to your premium account until the end of the month, and then after that, the account is reverted back to free. The good thing is, you can still listen to your offline music but no more access to streaming music that’s free of ads. But don’t worry, there are ready-made solutions to resolve this matter.


Now, is there an effective way to get all the downloaded music first before deciding to terminate the Spotify premium account? Yes, it is. What you need is an intuitive music recorder like Cinch Audio Recorder if you wish to create your personalized playlist that you can keep forever. Since all media contents of Spotify are DRM-encrypted, you need to remove the protection first before you can download the songs. However, with Cinch Audio Recorder, it will only take some few clicks of the “Record” button to enjoy the music in lossless WAV.


Get only the best music from Cinch Audio Recorder

When you decide not to use the services of Spotify, never forget to consider installing the Cinch Audio Recorder on your PC. Cinch Audio Recorder is easy-to-learn recording software that enables you to capture high-quality Spotify music with no DRM restriction to get rid of. It’s a complete tool that delivers perfect music recording, music conversion, and file management in just a few simple clicks. What’s left to be done is to click the “Record” button and then click the “Play” button located next to the Spotify playlist you want to record.


While the Spotify app is open, Cinch Audio Recorder will commence the recording process immediately and save the files in seamless MP3 or WAV. Even if the speakers are muted, the recorder continues to work, leaving everyone around you undisturbed. Cinch Audio Recorder also features a virtual sound card that works perfectly to capture all audible streaming music that’s coming out on your PC without reducing their overall sound quality. What’s more, this software is designed intuitive so that you can learn the basics and tricks in minutes.


The versatility of Cinch Audio Recorder isn’t just limited in recording Spotify music. With this special software, you can capture everything you love to listen over the internet from podcast to web radios, all in high-quality MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other formats. This incredible software only records the audios from direct sources, and it doesn’t perform any illegal music downloading unlike what other programs do. This is why music lovers can have the chance to listen to their favorite music channels, talk shows and documentaries free from copyright issues.


Cinch Audio Recorder requires a premium subscription if you wish to maximize its recording functions to the fullest. Fortunately, Cinch Solutions will only require a one-time payment from you for a lifetime version, which seems more advantageous than paying monthly Spotify premium subscriptions. Now, if you’re worrying about the annoying ads that often come out of your streaming music app, Cinch Audio Recorder has the ability to remove the ads permanently whether you’re recording an individual track or a playlist. It will also remove unwanted sounds and silent portions while recording is in progress.


Even though Cinch Audio Recorder is made simple, it also features built-in adjustment settings that allow you to modify the sound parameters and output size. Prior to recording, you can adjust the parameters such as sample rate, bit rate, format type, and audio codec to fit your personal standards well. Additionally, Cinch Audio Recorder has an ID3 tagger included to download all necessary track info like song title, artist name, and album titles for each file. This essential feature will help you save more time and organize a better music library in the process.


The recording power of Solutery Audio Recorder

As an alternative recorder, Solutery Audio Recorder can also deliver awesome results similar to what Cinch Audio Recorder can provide. Solutery Audio Recorder is a versatile free-to-pay recording tool, designed to capture streaming music from different internet sources in seamless MP3. This recorder isn’t only recording the streaming music but also extracting the audios of uploaded videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo among others. Aside from this, the recording app works normally even if your speakers are muted so that you won’t distract anyone near you.


Solutery Audio Recorder provides the basic recording functions you need to acquire awesome music from Spotify as well as other popular streaming music services. Besides streaming music, you can also capture live podcast, radio broadcast, celebrity interviews and even old episodes that you can search or find on the internet. This amazing recorder comes with an intuitive user interface, meaning you don’t need to become a tech expert to run this. Solutery Audio Recorder is somehow similar with Cinch Audio Recorder because you can capture high-quality music by just clicking the “Record” button.


The best thing about Solutery Audio Recorder is that it supports the majority of popular formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, WAV, and AAC. You can even convert the recorded songs into another accessible format if you wish to play them over a different device. This functional recorder is also equipped with an advanced ID3 tagger that allows you to download the song information during the recording process. If you ever find any incorrect tag, you can manually edit the information for every recorded file and save it right away.


When you want to change any details from your recorded files, simply locate the second icon at the right side and then click it. Modify the specific information and hit the “OK” button when done. Solutery Audio Recorder utilizes the core audio input of your PC, so you don’t need to rely too much on your speaker volume when you’re recording. It can also perform recording in batch so that you can capture the streaming music from created playlists.


Additional benefits of Solutery Audio Recorder

One of the good benefits of Solutery Audio Recorder is its ability to get rid of online ads that often appear on the playlist. It will automatically remove the ads while recording is taking place and then split the music tracks immediately. Aside from ads, Solutery Audio Recorder can also fix the unwanted sounds and eliminate the silent areas of each file. This remarkable feature ensures that all recorded music will come out 100% free from scratches and hard-to-decipher sounds.


Solutery Audio Recorder has intuitive adjustment settings to give you the freedom to customize your audio output. At the start, you can freely adjust the settings like file format, tempo, bit rate, and sample rate to suit your specific needs before proceeding to the recording session. You can always reset your desired music output or bit rate if you’re not satisfied with the results.


Recording your first Spotify music with Solutery is absolutely an easy thing to do. Launch the Solutery Audio Recorder and click the “Start Record” button located at the bottom right corner. After this, go to the Spotify window and click the “Play” button of the song or playlist you’d like to record. When the recording session is done, just click the “Stop” button to finish the process and check the recorded files in a while.


Now, to check the audio quality, Solutery Audio Recorder displays all the existing and previous recordings you have made. You can verify the audio output by clicking the “Play” button and listen to the file one by one. However, if you find any poor recording, you can select the application key and then “Delete” the file immediately. At this point, you can begin creating a backup or transfer the files to another destination like storage devices or mobile phones.


When you finish recording your Spotify music, you can now proceed to the proper cancellation of your premium subscription and finally free yourself from monthly payments. Visit your official Spotify account page and proceed to “Subscription” link. From here, kindly specify the main reason for canceling your subscription and then click the “Cancel My Subscription” button at the end. Now, if ever you change your mind and decide to renew your subscription, you may visit Spotify official website and sign-up for a renewal account.


Keeping your downloaded Spotify music becomes manageable with the use of either Cinch or Solutery Audio Recorder. All you have to do is to install a reliable music recorder because you can acquire premium music quality from different streaming music platforms conveniently even if you’re only using a free account.

Wondershare Dr.fone – Recover is data recovery tool for iOS and Android devices. It can recover deleted photo, video, contacts and other important personal data.

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Payment and refund policy

Is the payment secure?

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How to get refund of it

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Free support lifetime

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You might also interested following products

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Is the payment secure?

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How to get refund of it

You could issue a refund within 30 days for most Wondershare products (7 days refund for data recovery products). See detail here


What is the payment methods?

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank/Wire Transfer with Invoice (USD Only)
  3. Credit cards

credit cards


When will I receive the product?

You will only receive a keycode by email (within 10mins after you bought it) that is for activating the product.


Supported devices

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Free update lifetime

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The Cinch Audio Recorder is the one thing that everyone should have, especially to those who love recording music, talk shows, podcasts and basically anything audio.  You can easily record, just save it to the computer, mobile or hard drive, and you get on-the-go audio that you can access anytime, anywhere, without even the need for internet access.

Here are five reasons why it is a must-have for us:


Just launch Cinch Audio Recorder. Click on the “Start Recording” button found at the upper left-hand corner of its interface. Play the audio you want.  Stop the recording once the audio is done, and it’s automatically saved in an MP3 file.



The most beautiful feature of Cinch Audio Recorder is its flexibility.  You can basically record from any audio platform!  You just go through the same process of recording, and you’ll get the same audio quality.  Just name it, be it, Soundcloud, TuneIt, All Music, Jango, Google Play, Live 365, Slacker Radio, and many more – Cinch can record from all of these platforms!


With just a click on the yellow record button, you are on the journey to an “on-the-go” audio that you can play and access anytime without even the need of an internet connection. Picture this: You are in an airport where there is an intermittent or slow internet connection. You want to listen to an audio while waiting for your flight. The favorite audio that you recorded from Cinch will come in handy in situations like this.



Apart from it being as easy as 1-2-3, Cinch Audio Recorder is also a hassle-free recording tool!  If you are recording multiple songs or an entire playlist, just stop the recording at the end of the playlist. Cinch has a feature that automatically saves the songs separately.  No need to manually start and stop recording the end of each song.



As in anything, the most important thing is quality.  Cinch records your audio in crystal clear, which is the best thing!

Did I mention that we can basically record from almost any platforms?  Here are some of the list of platforms where you can record audio using Cinch Audio Recorder.

SOUNDCLOUD: It is a big music library that has no advertisements that would ruin your music appreciation time.   A favorite artist can be followed and other users on Soundcloud. You can access their playlists or get updated if they have a new one. You can also upload songs and share to everyone.  If you are a music artist or sound director yourself, you can even create in your account and upload them.

TUNE-IN: It is a radio streaming tool that is accessible through its website, or, through an app downloaded for use in Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone and Bada devices.  It can also be used on Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic Viera TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sonos and Sbox One. US-based company, it was founded by Bill Moore in Year 2002 and was initially known as Radio Time. With over 100,000 radio networks that are made available, TuneIn can deliver a variety of audio information in addition to music, such as news, sports programs, and radio talks. It supports podcasts and audiobooks as well.

JANGO: It is an audio platform that plays songs from an artist or on the same genre. The great thing about Jango is you can even see the latest tweet by the band or artist. There are other options you can edit the frequency by its rating system.

GOOGLE PLAY: It’s available to stream online and on podcasts.  It has the same concept as an online music locker that can store up to 50,000 music for free.  They have a good selection of music, but if you want to store more, you need to pay more.

YAHOO! MUSIC RADIO: Yahoo! Music Radio, formerly known as LAUNCHcast, was an internet radio service which sadly also discontinued either in the Year 2013 or Year 2014. It was a free service with advertisement intermissions, as in any other music service platforms.  Free subscriptions were only limited up to 1,000 songs per month and had access only to stations that were labeled “free,” which is quite restrictive for someone who loves music. It was only accessed through Internet Explorer, so an alternative, that is, Yahoo! Music Jukebox was launched later on to accommodate other browsers.

SONGZA: A music streaming service platform, Songza is available in Canada and in the United States. It started in Year 2008 while the app was launched in Year 2010.  It was later on acquired by Google Play in the Year 2014 with a rumored $15 Million to $39 Million deal.  Its unique and interesting feature is its Music Concierge.  There’s more to your music search in Songza!  In addition to searching for genres, artists, albums, and songs, you are presented with various choices of mood or activity depending on the day or time you are using it.   An example, if you are logged in on a Friday late morning.  You are presented with six activities such as fashion week, working, working out, doing housework, taking the day off and brand new music.  It will then direct you to songs or playlists after choosing an activity.

LIVE365: Live365, One of the earliest internet and radio station platforms. It started Year 1999.  Due to the imposition of high royalties, it was closed in 2016, which is a sad thing. It revived its operation recently in Year 2017.  The good thing about this site is an artist can upload their songs and earn from it.

Hundreds of radio stations from a variety of genres such us Jazz, Classical, Gospel, Dance, Rock, Oldies, R&B, Hip-Hop, and a lot more you can listen.  Topics such as finance, trends, business, fashion, and anything you might be interested. All of these you can enjoy by creating an account with them or registering.

Be sure to be bombarded with ads that distract you when you’re listening to your songs or from your listening session.  Getting a paid subscription is the only way to get away with the ads. This is available in the online or mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire

RADIO.COM: It is an online audio and video streaming service that broadcasts all stations of CBS Radio, which owns a majority of radio stations in the United States.  Radio stations from other countries aren’t available.  But, given the wide variety of radio stations in the U.S, it is already good enough to listen to.  You can listen to music, sports, news, interviews with artists, mini-documentaries and anything available in the United States.

You can listen to via worldwide web or via your mobile app, which is for free. You can tune in to podcasts or follow your favorite sports team and games via your local U.S station.  Sports station streaming includes MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and college team sports events. You can also listen to personalities in CBR Sports Radio such as, but not limited to, Tiki & Tierney, Jim Rome, and Scott Ferrall.

SLACKER.COM: Slacker Radio is an online music streaming platform that was founded in the Year 2007 by Dennis Mudd, a former CEO of Music Match, later known as Yahoo! Music. It’s available online, and the app can be downloaded on smartphones or devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, Sony Internet TV, Roku, Blu-Ray player, Xbox, and many others.

From this website, you can easily get an account for free, but the problem is the ads shown every 30 seconds or every minute. To get away with ads, the solution to this is paying a subscription either from two packages Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker Radio Premium.  Although, both offer the same features.


You can get great music from these music streaming sites using Cinch Audio Recorder. Just be sure to input your license to get an unlimited recording option.

The one thing to like about this software compared to another audio recorder out there when recording on these music streaming sites is the easy recording. If you have tried other software, you will notice that some files or extension needed to record.

It’s easier to record and save it as a single file by a few tweaks in the settings by increasing the time on “Automatic splitting.” Also, creating a ringtone out of this recorded music is an awesome thing. You won’t be confused when receiving messages from friends and family. Have fun creating a ringtone that suits you.

Just go through the drill of launching the Cinch Audio Recording, tap on the “Start Recording” button, then tap again the same button that now reads “Stop Recording” once you are done, and it automatically saves as MP3 in the drive of your choice. Lastly, make sure to transfer all your recorded music to a different folder.

Sidify music converter is a Spoitfy music download software program that help you download your favorite Spotify playlist to MP3 files. However, it is not always working as they adverted. This blog will show you the Top 3 Sidfy alternatives that 100% working for downloading music from Spotify and other streaming music sites.


How dose the Sidify Music Converter works?

Sidify Music Converter seems very popular for its capacity to produce high-quality MP3 music over a short period of time. This reliable music converter is known to be the quickest downloading tool which removes the DRM protection easily while retaining the original quality. It also features a broad range of adjustment settings to help you establish the appropriate sound parameters and audio format that match your preference.


The software provides the right solution in delivering your recorded streaming music in MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC and FLAC, scratch-free. It can extract the audio portion of the streaming music and then convert it into an accessible format which will allow you to play the file to another portable player. Besides this amazing feature, it can remove all the online ads being detected particularly if you are converting a huge playlist. Organizing your music library also becomes easier since this incredible app features an advanced ID3 tagger, designed to identify the track information of every recorded music.


The features of Sidify may appear so impressive. Unfortunately, the truth is, no software application to remove DRM protection has been developed so far. If you heard of any software program that claims to do so, it’s definitely a misleading statement. Some software developers always claim that they are able to break the DRM protection, but in fact, the software only rip the music from different sources, similar to file-sharing apps(P2P) like Napster or Limewire. A lot of existing software applications will tell you that they are able to “Download Spotify Music in MP3”.


As observed from Sidify’s FAQ section, it is clearly stated that they never directly admit to download Spotify music and remove the DRM restriction. Instead, what you’re about to see is that Sidify is developed to “Download and Convert” Spotify music and playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV. This only means that the DRM isn’t removed at all in contrary to what Sidify is trying to attest. The sad truth is, you would be spending a hefty $39.95 lifetime license or even more for a Spotify music recorder that only downloads the music from Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and other random sources.


Unless it would be fine for you to pay a premium subscription, it’s better to become more cautious in evaluating what these Spotify recorders are claiming just to mislead online consumers like you. Perhaps, now seems the perfect opportune time to consider better alternative software apps to Sidify. There are excellent Spotify music recorders released out there which are developed to capture streaming music with high-quality sounds as you heard it live. Here are some of the best audio recorders you can add on your list:


Top 3 Sidify Alternatives


1. Cinch Audio Recorder

If you’re seeking for an intuitive software, never miss checking out the Leawo Music Recorder from Cinch Solutions. Cinch Audio Recorder appears like a straightforward recorder since you only need to hit the “Record” button and the recorder will perform the rest of the job. The recording starts immediately upon clicking the “Play” button found next to the song you’d want to capture. Also, you can record the music while the speakers are muted which means you don’t disturb anyone during operation.


As a default format, the Cinch Audio Recorder saves the streaming music in WAV, but you may still convert it into another one. This amazing recorder doesn’t only support Spotify, but also prominent streaming sites like YouTube, Deezer, Pandora and more. The coolest thing about this app is that there’s no need to copy and paste the URLs since it will record the songs immediately when you click the “Record” button. When the recording is completed, just click “Stop,” however, you can repeat the recording session if the results aren’t good.



  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • ID3 tagger for modifying the track info
  • Superb audio quality at 320Kbp/s, saves music as WAV
  • No virtual sound card
  • Filtered/removed ads


  • Separate payment for premium access
  • Exclusively for Windows and Mac users


2. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is an interesting recorder that features a mic and built-in input audio capturing system. It gives you the most comfortable way to record your favorite music from Spotify, delivered in error-free WAV sounds. This powerful tool also allows direct recording of all computer audios as well as online sources like podcast and web radios. Leawo Music Recorder ensures 100% music recording whether the music is taken from streaming music platforms, microphone or installed audio player on PC.


Similar to other apps, Leawo Music Recorder features an ID3 tagger that easily identifies the track details and then downloads them even if the recording is still in progress. With this feature, you are able to acquire the corresponding music tags and edit the details when you find some incorrect inputs. Leawo Music Recorder will automatically split the tracks when it detects any song or playlist being played. Moreover, this recorder will filter the embedded online ads, leaving your recorded files free from unwanted audio sounds.



  • Suitable for beginners
  • Creates lossless MP3 or WAV outputs
  • Timing of recording session through task scheduler
  • Auto ID3 tagger
  • Accessible to many online sources


  • Limited language support
  • Upgrade to premium access is required


3. Audacity Music Recorder

The Audacity music recorder is an open source recording app that features a unique combination of basic editing and streaming recorder. You can perform editing of WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2 files with this special tool. Its main function is to create lossless music recorded from different streaming music platforms without affecting the original condition. This intuitive recorder is absolutely free and is accessible over common hardware and operating systems.

Audacity enables you to adjust sound speed, bit rate, and various sound parameters according to your exact needs.

This free software is able to repair some portions of your recording since it’s inevitable to encounter some damaged recordings or audio skipping when you record music from online sources. You can perform synchronization of two separate files since Audacity features some general editing tools which can enhance their overall quality. Furthermore, this user-friendly software has the ability to convert any file into another format, allowing you to play it using another device.



  • Direct recording from Spotify and other streaming music destinations
  • Auto-file creation as lossless WAV
  • Improves mono to stereo audio output
  • Records PC audio and microphone output
  • Removes silence and other disturbing sounds


  • No support for ID3 tagging
  • Doesn’t work well when speakers are muted


Besides these mentioned Spotify recorders, you may check out other Spotify recorder alternatives such as Audials Tunebite, Wondershare, Solutery, and TunesKit Music Recorder among others. Remember that there’s no software application yet designed to remove the DRN feature of any original music track offered out there. If you’re a die-hard Spotify follower, you should’ve equipped your PC the most efficient music recorder to get the best music available. So forget about Sidify Music Converter and spare yourself from spending your hard-earned money over a software that isn’t supposed to claim something not real.