How to download music from Spotify? The answer is NO; you can’t download any music from Spotify. Even Spotify premium users don’t have the leverage to download any music from Spotify.

I personally have tried quite a number of software stating as Spotify downloader but without any success. Even my search for Spotify Downloader on various discussion forums or on similar sites.

Even my search for Spotify Downloader on various discussion forums or on sites like Reddit doesn’t work. There is no legal way of downloading any music from Spotify and all the so-called Spotify downloaders available online are totally fake.

So do we really have a working Spotify Downloader or Spotify to MP3 converter? Yes, we do but even this one doesn’t download music directly from Spotify. Now let me share more light on this software.

Free Spotify Downloader

VK Downloader

VK Downloader is a Google Chrome & Firefox Extension which allows you to download music from Spotify. It is a browser-based app so both Windows as well as Mac users can enjoy using this extension on their browser. It is very easy to install and use any other browser extensions. Follow these steps to install VK Downloader on your browser:-

You will require Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser to use this app. For the below step lets download Chrome Browser and run it.

Step 1: Download and Install Google Chrome Browser

Step 2: Visit Google Chrome Web Store -> Click Here

Step 3: Search Chrome Web Store for “VK Downloader”

Step 4: Click “Add to Chrome” and that’s it!

You are now done with the installation of “VK Downloader” on your Google Chrome extension. Next step is to login to VK app using your login credential of Spotify Account; this enables VK Downloader to read your playlist information from Spotify which then gets listed on the “Downloads” tab. Then click “Find & Download selected tracks on“.

This is really cool; however, it has a huge drawback. “Rockettab” an adware is integrated with VK Downloader; so along with the installation of VK Downloader, “Rockettab” adware also gets added to your browser too. So, every time you search for a keyword on Google, it shows “Rockettab” Ads on the top of the search result like the screenshot attached (pretty annoying!)

I heard “VK Downloader” as one of the best Spotify downloader available online. However when I personally tried downloading my Spotify playlists; the success rate was just ~50% which means out of 30 songs only 25 songs were downloaded. Attached the screenshot of the same below:-

Why? Because it does not download music directly from Spotify. If you go through the script, you will notice it simply using python to scrape YouTube searches for matching tracks. In this case, VK Spotify Downloader works more like a YouTube to MP3 converter.

You might still take it as it doesn’t matter as long as it can download the right song for you. However, the problem still exists; as this tool can’t download all the songs from your Spotify Playlist as some are not available on YouTube. Also, there is a huge difference in the quality of output which is more concerning.

So what is next? How can you download music from Spotify easily without any such issues?

To be really honest you can’t download music from Spotify rather there is an alternate method using which you can still have all your favorite songs from Spotify list on your portable device.

Supplement to VK Downloader

The other alternate way to have all your favorite music from Spotify list onto your portable device is by “Recording Method” which is totally legal. You can find a bunch of Spotify Recorder Programs on Google. But I strongly recommend Cinch audio recorder. It’s the best online streaming Music Recorder available online and it is certainly for a few reasons:

 Download MAC version

  • It records music from most of the popular online streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora etc. it also can record music from online video sites and can save the output in MP3 (320kbp/s) format and even lossless WAV.
  • Automatic ID3 Tagger: Captures Title, Artist and Album and cover information for each recorded music (100% accuracy)
  • Silent Recorder: Records music clearly even with no volume at all


 Download MAC version

How to use this Spotify Recorder?

All it takes is a minute to record all your favorite songs from your Spotify playlist.

  1. Click the “Record‘ button to start(/stop) recording on the upper-left corner.
  2. Play the Spotify playlist that you want to record.
  3. Once the recording is complete, right-click on the recorded song from the Recorder Playlist and select the “Open folder”, you will get the mp3 file of the recorded song.

That’s all! Now you can convert Spotify to MP3 by either downloading or recording it.

This handy music recorder is a paid software; however, you can certainly try the free trial version before you actually purchase it. It costs $25 for a premium license but trusts me it is worth every bit of your money.

If you prefer a free Spotify recorder, then try this one. As the name indicates, it records music only from Spotify. It also has an inconvenient interface to run this application (need to install .net framework 4.5 before running this application ). It also works only for Spotify Desktop version and not Spotify Web Play. Finally to make it even worse, the output quality is really bad compared to the source.

You have a whole lot of options and it is time for you to make the right decision by choosing the right software for you. I hope you find this article useful; do try it and share your experience by commenting.

Designing a customized logo seems difficult for many people especially if they do not have the creative talent to transform fresh ideas into a graphical representation. Why do you need to spend thousands of dollars only to hire a professional graphic artist if you can create your own distinctive logo with DesignEvo?


DesignEvo and its remarkable features

DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that enables users to build their own professional logo, free of charge. It’s an intuitive custom logo creator designed to produce professionally-made logos from over 6000 templates and millions of graphic icons. Logo templates come in 34 different categories which are perfect to match the specific needs of every industry. You can decide to opt from a broad range of categories including business, sports, technology, shopping, academics and more.

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Fortunately, DesignEvo provides several pre-designed templates to help you get started. The search function is also given to help you find the suitable logo template you wish to work on with. Once the template is uploaded, you can start filling it up with your desired fonts, background colors, and shapes using DesignEvo’s built-in editor. What’s more, DesignEvo makes it simple to create professional-looking logos because of its drag-and-drop function that enables you to put everything on the working board so quickly.

It seems like a delightful feeling to use DesignEvo and design an exclusive logo for free. The DesignEvo team is giving away coupon codes which you can easily redeem in just a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Visit and log-in to your DesignEvo account (sign up if you don’t have one).
  2. Create a custom logo using its 6000+ templates and download the logo output.
  3. Proceed to the pricing page, select Plus package (priced at $39.99) and wait for the confirmation email indicating your coupon redemption (Contact me to get 100% free coupon).

Apart from being free, DesignEvo doesn’t require any download or software registration to utilize this. However, paid packages are offered to acquire the “copyright ownership” of the logo without giving due credits to DesignEvo anymore.


DesignEvo is an awesome tool that enables everyone to create his or her own logo without exerting a lot of effort. You can benefit so much from using this online logo maker rather than paying a professional to do the job.

Spotify gives music fans a lot of reasons to enjoy MP3 music to the fullest. Spotify’s popularity in the online mainstream continues to grow as the world’s widest streaming music platform keeps expanding each day. This amazing software is offered either free or paid subscriptions, and people get easy access to more than 30 million songs through playlists or albums. Because of this, Spotify users have developed a strong demand to acquire these most requested songs directly from Spotify.


Unfortunately, not all Spotify songs can be downloaded for free even if you are already a paying subscriber. Several Spotify music downloaders now exist on the market, and one of them is a Chrome extension called Spotify Deezer Music. With Spotify Deezer Music Downloader, you can secure your precious Spotify and Deezer music on PCs and mobile phones in high-quality MP3 format. It’s an intuitive Google browser that allows you to download playlists, lectures, albums and even podcasts from Spotify and Deezer web player.


The best alternative source of quality music

Spotify Deezer Music works as an extension of Google Chrome, equipped with a search pop-up function to locate music from Spotify and other streaming music sites. This direct extension helps you find and acquire the MP3 songs you like by means of name matching from Spotify playlist. It performs a basic search, matching song titles or playlist names and does not store any content like what major streaming music sites can do. This is why Spotify Deezer Music extension is perfect for music lovers who only want free music supported by a lightweight solution.


Let’s find out more about Spotify Deezer Music

Spotify Deezer Music extension enables you to download thousands of MP3 music in few simple clicks. A download button is located within the Chrome extension, allowing you to get the MP3 music directly from the streaming music platform. Each song or playlist is provided a “green” download button which gives you the option to choose the songs individually. This easy-to-navigate Chrome extension can search through several MP3 libraries from Spotify and is expected to download each music track or playlist without any quality loss.

On the web player interface, there’s a tutorial provided to help you get started with Spotify Deezer music downloader. Users are free to navigate Spotify web player through the browser. The Chrome extension will automatically search through MP3 libraries or detect the Spotify playlist then the download process will begin when you click. Remember that Spotify Deezer Music extension will only work when you open a Spotify playlist page and not on its homepage.

One good thing about Spotify Deezer Music extension is that you can manually select the tracks you want or select an entire playlist prior to downloading. Downloading process will consume longer minutes particularly if you are downloading the whole playlist from Spotify. What’s making it longer to complete is due to numerous Spotify ADs that play in between the music tracks. However, this extension can filter out these bothering ADs away, leaving your downloaded audios free from unwanted sounds. Once downloading is completed, you can find all downloaded music in your assigned or default output folder.


Spotify Deezer Music extension does not have any output audio settings to customize your songs before downloading. Despite this limited feature, this extension is still capable of downloading original sound quality from the source. Not only that, you may encounter corrupted songs, wrong downloaded tracks, file errors or even site crash for unknown reasons. Also, there’s no automatic file tagging, so you need to edit the downloaded tracks one by one when you are done. Hopefully, the next version will include a “Download Album” option and basic file tags like song artist and track length.


Spotify Deezer Music downloader does not perform music downloading in advance. You are required to repeat the process when incidents like connection failure, power interruption, computer crash or browser errors happen while downloading songs. Downloading process may encounter interruptions at times, so you need to keep coming back on your PC to check things out. The current Spotify Deezer Music downloader is Version 2.2 with 62.12KiB file size. Spotify Deezer Music Downloader is an excellent free alternative though end results will vary according to connection speed and PC hardware installed in your machine.


Spotify Deezer Music extension can cover most of the songs from Spotify though it doesn’t have a download link for some specific songs. In some instances, Spotify playlist with a considerable number of music tracks tends to slow your computer down or may encounter error messages during downloading. Some music tracks are not fully downloaded or cut short in the middle of the track while others do not have any sound at all. If you find a shorter playlist, say 60 songs or lower, the Chrome extension will likely run better than longer track listings. Adding to this, there’s no “Select All” button option, meaning you need to download the song one by one or choose a whole playlist to get more songs.


Chrome extensions like Spotify Deezer Music downloader may give users some challenges to deal with, but these are regarded as free alternative options with no subscription required. Some users encounter longer response time from Spotify Deezer Music downloader or worse, didn’t download any song even if the message said: “Download complete.” In some cases, error messages such as “No File Found,” “Network failed,” or “Audio Not Found” appear on the screen randomly. To solve this, it is suggested to reinstall Google Chrome once you confront these common issues.


Auto-detection of Spotify songs and playlist

Works on different streaming sites like Google Music, SoundCloud, and Deezer among others

Requires no software or plug-in installation

Supports all operating systems that run Google Chrome

Supports all operating systems that run Google Chrome

Highly intuitive, even less-savvy users can manage



Low-quality output audio (better music quality)

Random file errors

Individual downloading which means more time is consumed

Limited options and no output settings

Seldom system crash and longer response time

No ID tagging



There are a lot of music extensions available out there but consider only the one that is more accurate and lesser inconveniences to deal with. Indeed, Spotify Deezer Music extension will suit you the best if you wish not to install any software or just use a free alternative solution to download your favorite songs.

“Is there any chance to download Spotify songs and to convert them to mp3?  I ‘d just enjoy to have them on my computer or on CDs to play in my car.”  – Question from Spotify to mp3 Reddit.

Yes, you are in the right place. 

Spotify users mostly have the same requirement. They would like to convert Spotify playlist to MP3 files so that they can listen to any music player or phone freely.  However, Spotify doesn’t allow to download music to the local computer, even you are a Spotify Premium user. So, how to convert or download Spotify music to MP3?


Check it out:


I would like to download Spotify as .mp3 with:

Web browser (Online solutions)

Software programs (desk/laptop software)

Android/ Apple iOS  (apps)


Web browser (Online solutions)

There were many sites that called Spotify to mp3 online converter, but It is only three left at the time I write this review. It works very simply. Just copy a Spotify playlist and paste it into the search bar on one of those sites, and then click the “Download” or “Convert” button. Waiting for a while, you will get mp3 for each songs listed the playlist.

The method behind it is that downloading music from the site such as Youtube by searching the names of the songs. the advantage of the method is that the fast download speed and free to use on any platform (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS), but the disadvantage is that sometimes, you will get low quality, wrong version of the song you want to download or can’t find the song you want.

Warning: It’s illegal. Downloading massive amounts of music from unknown sources may against your local law. Check this news



A neat web design, the search bar is placed in the center of the page. It takes approx 10 seconds to download a song as we tested. It is free to use and no extra plugin needs to be installed.

Official site:

How to use it?

Just copy and paste a Spotify songs/playlist link into the search bar, click the “Convert” button, and your song or playlist will be available to download once they are done converting.

The drawbacks:

  1. No ID3 tags (album, name, artist, lyrics, etc.) for free users
  2. limited sound quality of 128kbps
  3. The site is unstable

However, if you donate $5 you will get the songs with ID3 tagged and better quality (196kbps)

2: Chrome Extension: Spotify and Deezer Music Downloader

It is a free Spotify downloader extension of Chrome. It allows you to convert Spotify to MP3 without recording. You can download Spotify online on both Windows and Mac as long as you have a chrome browser.

The steps you have to follow are:

  1. Select Tools and Extensions from the drop-down menu on the far end corner of the address bar in Chrome.
  2. Install it on your Chrome browser.
  3. Open Spotify in the browser to play your favorite music, then Deezify will allow you to get the MP3 file.

However, when you check the review of Deezify on Google Chrome Store (see the below screenshot), you will find out people are keeping saying that it is not working.


  1. Free
  2. Fast download music


  1. 30% of Spotify songs are not found according to my test.
  2. Only works for Spotify
  3. Built-in Adware


3: Download music on online

There are many other music downloading sites over there. You can find most songs in Spotify within following sites:

This an online service that helps you to convert Spotify music to MP3 in a very simple way. It is compatible with all kinds of browsers.


Software programs (Windows and Mac )


NO. 1: The Best:Cinch Audio Recorder

A highly recommend a professional streaming music recording tool is Cinch Audio Recorder. That’s the best 1-click tool for downloading music from Spotify and also other streaming music sites. The part of recording music is that you will the mp3 as the same as the original.

The features include:

  • Spotify playlist to MP3 files and maintain the output music as same as the original quality (lossless .wav files) 
  • Automatically get the song’s tags such as artist, album, and title (accuracy rate is near 100%)
  • Recording music while you muted the sound volume on the computer so that you can recording music under any circumstances
  • Filter out ads (between every 2 songs) while recording, automatically
  • Edit the recorded music and save it as a ringtone for your phone
  • Fix ID3 tags of your local music in batch
  • 100% working for all streaming music services (Apple music, Google music … )

 Download MAC version

How to convert Spotify music step-by-step?

Well, using this software is very simple :

Step 1: Start the software and press the yellow “Record” button on the upper-left corner.

Step 2: Play your Spotify music playlist. When the music starts playing, this recorder will start recording automatically.

Step 3: After the recording is done, right-click on a recorded song in the library and then select the “Open folder”, you will get the mp3 file of the recorded song.

That’s it. Download and try it now!

A short step-by-step video guide of using Cinch audio recorder:



  1. Automatic ID3 tagger captures the title, artist, and album (included cover)
  2. Save as lossless WAV (320kbp/s for MP3)
  3. Mute sound while Spotify recording
  4. Support all streaming music sites


  1. Working for Windows 7 and newer version
  2. No burn to CD option
  3. Not free

Download Windows version Download MAC version


NO. 2:  Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo music recorder allows to record music from Spotify and other internet music freely and converts them directly into MP3 files. It can identify smartly the information about the music, like the artist, album cover etc of its own accord. It also filters the ads.

It offers extensive music collections for you to download from

  • 300,000+ Songs;
  • 35,000+ Albums;
  • Top 100+ Charts;
  • 1,000+ Refined Playlists

Discover, save, and share the music you love.

Leawo Music Recorder

You can also schedule the download, which makes it convenient for the users. The software is compatible with both PC and the Mac.

Download Windows version Download MAC version


  1. Support all streaming music sites
  2. 1 click to transfer recorded music from Spotify to iTunes
  3. Record sound from microphone
  4. schedule recording time


  1. Not free
  2. Installed a virtual sound card on your computer
  3. Need play music at maximum sound volume when recording
  4. Low accurate of getting ID3 tags


No. 3: Audials Tunebite 2018 Premium

Audials Tunebite is a smart recorder for both streaming music and soundtracks of music videos:

  1. Record all protected music streams from the players of music services as well as unprotected audio streams from websites with ID3 tags
  2. Easily record music from streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and much more as mp3 files at double speed
  3. Convert music or audiobooks into 40 file formats for the smartphone, tablet, PC or games console
  4. Manage recorded audio files on the PC and in the cloud.


Download Windows version


  1. Rich features and nice interface
  2. Fast recording mode for Spotify


  1. Not easy to use
  2. Price is a litter bit high
  3. Only support Windows OS


No. 4: Solutery Music Recorder

It’s a music recorder works like Cinch audio recorder but has a nice user interface. This recorder supports all streaming music sites and saves as high-quality mp3 files with 320 kbps.  Each recorded songs will add ID3 tags like name, singer, and album (included CD cover)

Download Windows version


  1. Nice interface
  2. Add ID3 tags title, artist, and album  to each recorded song
  3. Save as lossless WAV (320kbp/s for MP3)
  4. Mute sound on the computer when you are recording music


  1. Not working on Windows XP
  2. No Mac version
  3. Not free


NO. 5: Allavsoft

Allavsoft is a highly intuitive audio and video converting software. It can directly download music, playlist from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, etc to MP3( or FLAC) with ID3 Tag, album, and cover artist.

Spotify to MP3 Downloader and Converter

This free-to-play software enables users to download and convert popular video formats like FLV, F4F, F4V, WebM F4M, to other formats such as WMV, MP4, AVI, MPEG-1, MOV, MPEG-2, FLV, WebM, RMVB, DV, and OGV.

Aside from acquiring videos from their original format, Allavsoft also extracts the audio part from various online video sources and convert it to commonly-known audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, M4A, etc.

This is why Allavsoft is perfect for people who love watching videos as well as listening to songs, radio documentaries and interview episodes from the internet.

*The free trial version allows downloading 5 music or video or playlist for free.

Borderless access to millions of videos

Allavsoft provides easy access to download videos in ultra-high definition 4K 4096p, HD 1080p, 720p, 3K, 3D or SD 480p and other low display resolutions.

Downloaded files are playable in all popular multimedia players including smartphones, home theater systems, laptops and car stereos.

To ensure the quality of downloaded videos, Allavsoft features a built-in video player intended for this special purpose. Also, the sensational video converter can be applied as an add-on to your favorite browsers like Firefox, Safari, IE, and Chrome.


Allavsoft features an easy-to-navigate user interface with minimal menu displays and graphics, perfect not to clutter your screen. It allows batch downloading and provides users all the appropriate settings to enhance video quality.

Allavsoft is comfortable to use since you only need to paste the video URLs straight to the text fields before you start the process.

Results will always vary according to a number of videos and prevailing connection speed.

Allavsoft is an excellent software that provides you with nothing less of high-quality lectures, music playlists, and movies.


No 6: Sidify/NoteBurner/Ondesoft Spotify Converter

They are basically from the same company with slightly different user-interface. The method behind the software is same as I have explained in above.

Here is what music converter can provide to its users:

  • Converts Spotify playlist or individual tracks to MP3 and other popular formats
  • Produces Spotify music in high-quality 320kbps bitrate without signing up a premium account from Spotify
  • Extracts audio MP3 from Spotify music without disrupting audio quality
  • Provides easy access to enjoy Spotify music on USB players, car stereos and home theater components
  • Allows easy transfer of playlist from one music library to another location


No. 7 Replay Music

Replay Music is feature-packed recording software that creates flawless music from Spotify and other popular streaming sites. Unlike other Spotify recorders, Replay Music enables users to produce recorded crystal-clear videos, meaning they can directly record uploaded videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo among others. This efficient tool can detect commercial ads in between music tracks and automatically delete them. Your music library will always appear organized since Replay Music features an outstanding ID3 tagging system which automatically tags the recordings with track information.


Android/iOS  (apps)

No 1: Spotify to MP3 converter for Android

Two ways to download music on your phone or tablet.

  1. You don’t need to install APK app by open URLs that listed in Top 6 (the only working way if you have iPhone or iPad)
  2. An Android app called Spotify Downloader (free). It is easy to use the app for all Android users, just follow the step by step guide after you installed, you will know how to use it to get Spotify music.


Update on Feb. 21.2017:

Spotify has updated file encryption technology that means all Spotify downloader online tools (copy Spotify song’s URLs and download it as mp3) are NOT working anymore. What they are doing now is search song’s title on YouTube or other unknown resources and then let you download. The only safe way to get Spotify music is working with a recording method.


Wondershare Streaming recorder (Not working anymore)

Updated: This recorder seems stopped the auto ID3 tagging

streaming audio recorder

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


Enjoy music! Let me know if you have any query then do let me know by commenting.

Get a free license of Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch audio recorder is a nice piece of a recording software tool that can simply record any online streaming music and save as MP3 files, for example, download Spotify to MP3 on your local computer.

I bought it and test it on my computer and it works perfectly for downloading Spotify to MP3. It splits songs and put mp3 tags correctly, removes Spotify audio ADs automatically. One of great feature is that you can record music even you muted sound on your computer, so it won’t disturb anyone when you are recording music. If you are a premier user, you can record music as lossless music files. (Check detailed review here).

I really like this software and I would like to share it on my blog. However, it cost $25USD for a lifetime license. I know people like free stuff. So, I contacted Cinch solution Inc. (who is the publisher of Cinch audio recorder) and asked them if they are willing to offer free licenses for my blog users. The good news is that they agreed my idea, the only condition is people who get free license need to promote/share it on his/her Facebook page. Put simply, Sharing this post on Facebook to get a free keycode(lifetime license)

Here is how to get Cinch for free step by step

1. Log in your Facebook account

2. Copy the URL as following and share it  on your Facebook

3. Send me  your Facebook homepage’s URL (Don’t post your FB URL on the comments)

Note: Make sure you share it with “Public” status so that I can see it.

That it. Once I got your email and verified you have posted it successfully, I will send a keycode for free ASAP.

I am not sure if Cinch wants to extend longer time but they are willing to have this giveaway for 1 month. So, please hurry up. If you have any question, please leave your comment.

Wondershare DVD Creator For Windows

Original Price$39.95 USD

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Wondershare DVD Creator For Mac

Original Price: $49.00 USD

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After you buy this software:

  • The keycode will be sent to you automatically within minutes
  • Free technical support service
  • Free lifetime update

How to use the keycode


About Wondershare DVD Creator

Make a personal  DVD with your own Photos, Video and Music

– Convert any video like AVI to DVD for playing on a home DVD player

– Burn virtually any video, audio, or image format

– Create DVD slideshows with music and effects

– Edit  video like rotate, crop and trim video files

Download free DVD templates


What this tool can do for you

Want to make a professional DVD movie?   Wondershare DVD Creator does it all. Simply drag your favorite video clips  into the software, you will see the great result.  . It can convert videos to DVDs from common videos like AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. with free DVD menus. Besides, this DVD maker allows you to make slideshows and edit videos using tools like trim, crop, rotate, watermarks, etc. Get DVD Creator for Mac and share all your movies with family and friends now!

How to use it



Wondershare Filmora is a simplified video editor tool for anyone who wants to start making own video story quickly (less time for learning).  Get Wondershare Filmora 6 pro coupon code as follows (Big discount):

Wondershare Filmora for Windows  (Lifetime license)

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Looking for a cheaper price for Fimora? Check 1-year license here:

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Note: Wondershare Video Editor is now renamed to Wondershare  Filmora. The latest version is Filmora pro 8.6.

Supported devices

For 1 computer

Free update lifetime

Sure. If you have bought the product (lifetime listen), you don’t need to pay for the update of the product in the future. It is the one-time fee.

Support team

Knowledgeable representatives are available through email and will respond to you within 24 hours.

Payment and refund policy

Is the payment secure?

The buy link is secured by MyCommerce which is experts in global e-commerce. You don’t have to worry about any security issue during the payment. After you bought it, you could issue a refund within 30 days.

What is the payment methods?

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank/Wire Transfer with Invoice (USD Only)
  3. Credit cards

credit cards

When will I receive the product?

You will only receive a keycode by email that is for activating the product.

Where can I find the support of this product

You can get quick support from the Wondershare official site:

You might also interested following products

Wondershare PDFelement coupon code

Wondershare Tunesgo coupon

Wondershare Mobiletrans coupon

With the vast choices available right now for media resources, Spotify has cemented its name as the best or one of the top choices when it comes to music streaming.


Merely ten years of being in business, Spotify has become one of the most accessible and smart choices if you want access to a library of digital music. Surely, with the high streaming quality and diversity, nothing can beat Spotify.


What makes Spotify highly recommended is its no drama platform.

The interface is very user-friendly, and its built-in options for selection are straightforward. This “freemium” service is for everyone. Depending on preference, the free version would provide you with free basic features and the usual dose of advertisements and restrictions while the paid subscriptions would provide the user with more features and advantages.


It is no wonder that most of Spotify’s members are proud of their Premium subscriptions.


The monthly rates are fair, and with access to more than 35 million songs, the chance to download and listen to 3,333 songs without internet and not having to wait for new releases is surely just a few sweet reasons to consider in acquiring a Premium subscription. The absence of ads alone is enough reason to go for a monthly paid service.


As of date, Spotify is available in 65 countries and expect to reach more soon.

There are countries where this service is not yet available. Countries like China, Russia, India, Egypt, and South Africa are just some of the countries where Spotify is not yet at the consumers’ disposal. There are pending negotiations for some of these countries, but factors like internet-governing laws, internet censorship, internet stability, economic and political situations are major considerations for Spotify to consider an expansion to a country.


China, for instance, has this Great Firewall put into place to regulate network traffic, and no, it is not just Spotify that’s blocked but all other incoming international data from social media and streaming mediums like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Hulu just to name a few. These are considered potential threats to China’s government.


Spotify, being a giant in the music streaming industry, for sure has plans of launching on these countries mentioned above because they can attract a good percentage of consumers. China, India, Russia, Egypt, and South Africa are considered some of the biggest markets when it comes to technology and the internet. If and when Spotify launches in these countries will translate into Spotify’s powerful coverage and accessibility.


For the young and music savvy coming from these countries, do not feel upset.

One of the biggest advantages of today’s population is the ability to look for working alternative solutions while waiting for an official launch date and release. There are numerous free software and hacks for almost every internet restriction. As the popular saying goes: “If there’s a will then there’s a way.”


Here is a sure recommendation for the music enthusiasts to enjoy the million of songs from Spotify if you live in any of the countries mentioned above. You get to listen to these songs over and over again even without internet connection. You can enjoy the high quality that Spotify takes pride on with this effective method.


To achieve this practical goal, you need three things which include a good internet connection, your preferred browser and your wits!


The first step is pretty simple and will highly depend on your preference, but the goal is to access Spotify. You have to access either of these websites: or Any of these links will lead you to the streaming page of Spotify where you can look for the artist, song, or genre of your choice.


Importance of VPN connection

The second option is to download a VPN connection that will unblock any restrictions and allow you to access Spotify more conveniently. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help interested music fans access Spotify by making their IP addresses secure and undetectable. With this efficient tool, you can create an encrypted connection over a current computer network or internet source. This network platform is designed to help users create a secure access over sensitive business applications in relation to financial systems, business management and trade secrets.


VPN seems to be a smart solution to prevent unscrupulous computer wizards steals someone else’s private information. Since personal data can be illegally collected without prior consent, many people have become fallen victims of cybercrimes like bank fraud and identity theft. The ultimate goal of VPN is to provide internet users the best protection against potential threats through the power of invisibility on the internet. This essential software has now become a major contributor to help individuals and businesses safeguard their online operations and avoid getting hacked.


VPN system is normally installed on a computer network or may appear as a professional service website that requires log-in details from subscribers. This special software allows your computer to exchange information with a remote server through which all local and international data traffics are completely secured from any unauthorized access. It’s a service platform that helps someone browse the internet safely without getting monitored or identified by any data traffic regulator. With this modern tool, you are able to access many blocked sites from the international scene such as Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


If you care about your personal security and online privacy, VPN is definitely a must-have software to access Spotify and become a premium account user. VPN software features a unique ability to conceal your true IP address and replace it with a temporary IP location. This would give you a complete privacy to all your online activities since VPN will make it impossible for any firewall system to track your position. So, when you visit Spotify and listen to its comprehensive music library, you won’t feel bothered about anything that can block your access or flag you down.


The best benefits of VPN software

VPN offers internet users more than just hiding their online presence through a secure network. Here’s what you can get with this remarkable tool:

  • No visible link between computer and created user connections
  • Complete browsing experience with no detection from your ISP, firewall and data blockers
  • Full security against hackers since all activities are encrypted
  • External agencies won’t be able to prevent users in accessing different websites
  • Unidentifiable IP address
  • No quality loss regardless of internet speed
  • Flexible pricing models


Learn the power of Cinch Audio Recorder

Alternatively, you can utilize the recording genius of Cinch Audio Recorder to have your favorite Spotify music stored on your PC. This is a free-to-pay, downloadable smart audio recorder software recognized for its quality output.  You can download it here:


Cinch Audio Recorder is considered as the top choice when it comes to Spotify recorders released on the market today. It is very user-friendly and gets the job done. This powerful recorder can also intelligently filter out those unwanted ads. At best, it records the audio tracks at a bit rate of 320 kbp/s and in lossless WAV compared to some Spotify recorders that generate low sound even if it is already the paid version.


Lossless WAV or superb sound quality is vital when you transfer the song track to your smartphone as it can retain all quality details of the track in Spotify. The only difference is it reduces the file size in an efficient manner. Cinch Audio Recorder got this particular feature at point thus making them really highly recommended. The more you can save to your library with minimal storage space and without compromising the audio quality is definitely a winner.


You need not to purchase or install additional support tools or programs for it to work. After recording, it automatically saves the recorded media to MP3. Once saved, then it becomes part of your music library and you can share it on all your media devices. Even without the internet, you can listen to your downloaded Spotify music on your phone while on your way to school or work.


With each download, you add another song to your growing personal library made easy with Cinch Audio Recorder’s automatic ID3 Tagger which is almost 100% accurate. The ID3 Tagger lets the user get the title, artist, and album for each recorded song. This feature will make your library organized. Again, this is a praiseworthy feature especially if you plan to transfer it to your other devices like phones and tablets.


Once Cinch Audio Recorder has been successfully installed, everything moving forward will already be a breeze.  Once you are in Spotify, follow these simple steps to start recording:

  1. Click on Cinch Audio Recorder’s start recording button.
  2. Play the music on Spotify.
  3. Once done, just easily click on the stop recording button. The software will display the tags like the artist’s name, album name, and song title once is done, and it will save the audio in an MP3 format.


The Spotify app, VPN tool and Cinch Audio Recorder are three highly effective platforms that triple the benefits of each service. All of these will not fail you when it comes to quality and effectiveness. With these viable options, it really becomes a smart way for music lovers to bypass the restrictions and limitations of their countries to streaming sites like Spotify. Although currently topped on each of their categories, these accessible platforms would continuously earn the consumers’ confidence and positive reviews once Spotify becomes available worldwide.

You can find thousands of free software programs over the internet that allow you to convert audio tracks from music streaming or file-sharing sites to Mp3 format.

Some programs will allow you to record songs or videos directly accessed on different music platforms like iTunes, Napster, AOL, and other famous sites.

Just like, this is designed to convert audio tracks from Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Unfortunately, a lot of people complain that is not always working smoothly.


Typical complaints about include:

  • Install file size is large (123MB) I suspected it is doing unknown things on my computer than downloading music
  • Slow conversion rate
  • Non-responsive on long-playing audio files
  • Website crashes even before downloading starts
  • Output music is another version of what you tried to download
  • Audio output is not always good
  • The download is not completed or does not start at all
  • Makes PC hang up (though this will depend on internet speed and file size you have set)

Luckily, there is always an alternative when you encounter problems with while recording or converting music.

Check this:

Cinch Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use recording app that helps you create high-quality music straight from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and many others.

Not only streaming sites, but Cinch Audio Recorder also supports internet radio, file sharing sites and podcast station, giving music fans the chance to keep copies of their favorite tracks wherever they go.

With this tool, you can perform the recording directly from the site instead of copying or pasting URLs.

When you download Cinch Audio Recorder, check the OS version (Windows and Mac) that matches your PC prior to software installation.

Download Windows versionDownload mac version

You will see the “Start” button upon launching the software.

Cinch is now ready to record your music played from different sites like Spotify, iTunes and cloud storage platforms.

Remember, refrain from using audio players while the music recording is ongoing.


There is a “Stop” button located on the screen to terminate the recording. You can always repeat the recording process if you aren’t satisfied with the audio quality.

What’s great about Cinch Audio Recorder is that the software starts recording automatically when you play a specific song or an entire playlist. When recording is already completed, you can view the title lists found inside the “Folder” icon which you can see at the bottom.


What else can it do?

Cinch Audio Recorder is not just limited to music recording. It captures all important details relevant to the song such as song title, album name and track length.

Apart from this, the user-intuitive software also allows users to modify the track details if there are necessary corrections to be made. Just click on the “ID3 Editor” button and make necessary changes on the edit fields.


If you encounter broken audio tracks or poor records, you can delete the files directly from the playlist and do the recording again.

Audio settings are available to customize your own music copies according to sound quality and preferred file format.

Your files will not get lost since all finished recordings are saved automatically to your output folder.


Music downloading has been easier with the use of free recording tools from the internet. You can always rely on Cinch Audio Recorder as alternative software rather than trying to resolve problems with audio-converting sites like