Amazon is one of the known electronic commerce website and a few years back they launched their Amazon Prime which is an additional money for them for offering 2 days fast shipment. Years after launched availability to stream video like Netflix and then after music streaming. Amazon Music Unlimited offers “tens of millions” of catalogs as what they say but what i noticed mostly are soundtracks, ad-free, streaming accessibility which is more accessible to most devices and tailored towards more on their Amazon echo, Echo dot or Amazon tap and offers cheaper subscription compared to spotify. Amazon Music Unlimited offers unlimited download and able to listen offline. Audio Quality is good around 256 kbps since amazon supports audio formats like WMA, FLAC, OGG, Apple Lossless, WAV and aiff.

So why still there is a need to Download MP3 Music from Amazon?

What do you think about their Sort Functionality?

Tried to search an album but search results give you single artists which completely are unrelated.

How about the lack of Gapless Playback?

Want to play tracks seamlessly without pause but every time there’s blip at the end.

No need to buy an original CD and rip it.

Take too much processing power when playing it on Web Browser.

Discouraging right?

Relieve yourself of the hassle after purchasing music from Amazon and transfer music to your thumbdrive just to play in your vehicle

So why not just get the music you want and took advantage of the 30 days free trial that you get from Amazon Prime Music.

Since we need a downloader, it should be simple, quick and easy and can download it as lossless WAV or audio file format.

Why not Download using Kindle or exporting downloads to itunes?

There is some issue in regards with downloading unrelated from your interests so to save more time

For that we need,

Cinch Audio Recorder

Able to record songs from any music streaming sites like Amazon Music. It doesn’t just convert as simple MP3 but lossless audio quality at 320kbps and It’s legal.

Download MAC version

Want to download a whole album?

Cinch can do that with ease with its simple interface and quick and easy recording steps. Inputs the correct tags of the tracks recorded 100%, so just relax and let Cinch do it all for you.

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

Convert Amazon Prime Music To MP3 Using Cinch Audio Recorder:

Step 1: Open Cinch Audio Recorder and Click “Start Recording”

Step 2: Open your playlist and play them one by one.

Step 3: Click “Stop Recording” when done.

You can find all the downloaded music list as .mp3 format by clicking “Output Folder“.

If you want to add a cover pic for the album, just download the album picture and just add “Album cover” at the “Edit ID3” icon

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